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Love With Bitter Tears… Episode 3 & 4

episode 3&4
The next morning was even more dramatic. I was still on the bed trying to figure out how to get a down-payment for my new truck which I had already described as ”FOR SALE” . The need was urgent and no Jupiter or Mars was stopping it. To avoid the harrassment from the bank I needed a plan. This was not the life I wanted, not like this.
Still deep in thoughts and confusion, I barely noticed when Kate came from the living room to get me out of the bed ” Love , stop this you’re doing , I know its hard but we will make it somehow” Kate was sure of herself.
The ceiling fan was now a thing of wonder to my eyes- the cyclic rythm somehow seemed to take away the thoughts and they became butterflies in my head. ” Love, we need money, Dave has to pay his school fees and we have to pay the bank” these words managed to escape my lips when I tried to sit up on the bed.
” I know Gabriel, thats why I will look for a job. Any job that will bring money”
” Dont worry Kate, you need not do that. Things will be fine”
” but atleast ,let me try, than sitting all day in a store hoping that someone buys even a matchstick box” she sounded bitter and serious.
I kept quiet and let her win the arguement but deep down I knew what I wanted….
* The remaining art crafts in my store I started taking to the market. Found a spot along the road and quietly squeezed myself in between two women. There was going to be my pivot to a goodlife (I GUESS) .
Everyday was a story for the Gods. I could barely sell even just a toy. The Sun scoarched me in the afternoon, rain would cool my nerves in the evening. This continued for two days ,until I met the lady that turned my story around.
Sometimes we think that the universe doesnt hear our heart desires. Its just hard to realise that we are innocent of anything Karma brings our way. That was my mindset but this changed when a lady in a new suv saloon car stopped right infront of me.
She came down and walked straight to my stand (at least I can call it that, I was practically standing . And no time to sit down) and her voice was nice and calm when she said ” How much are these horses?
” Ma’am just 350 per horse” I said reluctantly.
” Hmm they are cheap”
” I ‘ll take the eight of them” she concluded. ”ma’am thats nice but all these cant enter your booth, so how will you take them? ” I suggested while still looking bitter (maybe the sun scoarched even the sense of humour out of me.
” I’ll pay for them now and you’ll deliver them to my flower farm. I need them as a gift for my daughter-her birthday is coming up” the lady persisted.
I could’nt believe her . ”ME , deliver it to your flower farm” I thought out loudly to myself.
*”ma’am but I dont do home service delivery”
” dont worry, I will pay you 50% for downtime and inconviniences…and did you make them yourself? She was quick to question my patience which was about to Peter out.
”yes I did” was an answer that best suit her rhetorical statement.
” they are lovely. Here, take the money and thats my card so you will locate the farm” she gave me her complementary card and then took a picture of me with her iphone 7.
”and what was that for? I asked
” so you dont run away with my money…uhm ?? She tried to guess
” Gabriel, its Gabriel” was good enough to make her stop seeing me as a thief,who will be so eager to abscond with her money.
* ”oh nice. Am Damilola and it was nice to meet you” Dami was eager to shake me. I stretch forward my arms and enclosed her soft palms. It felt like touching a teddy bear-they were so soft.
After she shook me and turned to get back into her car, that was when I noticed she was very beautiful. Her hair was blonde and probably fixed but it was a perfect suit to her very fair skin. Her hips looked like they had been under surgical blades( they were too good to be true). The high-heels that adorned her feet shone brightly in the warm sunlight, making a compliment effect of her perfect match red gown.
”whats happening to you Gabriel” I quickly questioned myself. ”Let it pass. You’re married now, its a by-gone issue” the thoughts were loud in my head and I stood there jaws down and watching as Dami zoomed off with her gray coloured car.
” this cant be happening, no no. Its just infatuation or lust-yes lust-for heaven sakes you are married” I admonished myself the more, still trying to dissociate my mind from the worst : Having feelings for another woman.
episode 4
*I started searching for Job vancancies to support Gabriel, I applied for nanny jobs, catery services, and even as a househelp. During my search, Mimi was there to help me out. She was a friend indeed and she made it her priority to always have time to spend with me-a weekend girly thing- and never was it a dull moment.
* Mimi worked at a gym house and she spent most of her time during rounds of coaching to trainees. She was also fanatic of belly dancing. ** We were having some we time at our usual hangout-the Verizon Restaurant- and I couldnt ignore the fact that Mimi was looking a bit different today- her skin was lighter and her chest was very firm. Her slim but in-shape body was almost perfect.
” Mimi you look different today, whatsup? I tried to enquire.
” Nothing is up. Just keeping fit. And you Kate you need to take care of yourself. You look pale”
”Mimi, I dont have time for that. I need to take care of my family . Then other things follow” I sighed
* Kate, to be honest: you stress yourself so much and neglect your duty of remaining beautiful in Gabriel’s eyes” mimi pointed out .
* That wasnt the most important thing to me. My husband loved me and so did my kid. The troubles which was more demanding were the financial issues- and I always pretend not to be worried- even my parents were not rich.
* Ever since I had been a teenager ( I got pregnant at 16 and a young mother. Now 22) it was my dream to finish high school, go to college and get a degree in Business Administrations. A good Bsc with first class was my target but if only wishes were horses. My dream was cut short when I fell in love with Gabriel, not minding the circumstances surrounding our relationship and the need for wealth in my family. My mother even tried to discourage me from marrying a simple carpenter-she wanted a son-in-law who had fleet of cars and controlled assets with just a snap of his fingers. All these were good and wise to wish for but Love blinded my ego for aquisition of wealth.
* I was deeply in love with the man that captured my heart-Gabriel- and everyday I had to pretend not to care about money as long as we lived happily.
* I was willing to stay poor for Love, but the turn of things had begin to re-programme that mindset…

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