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Category: Dream. {Season 3}

Dream. {Season 3}… Episode 19

Dreame forever and ever yours written by : chidinma Jerry. #star_queen #season_3 ‘s_episode_ 19 lisons’s_point_of_view_conts “Austin I love you please, i love you so much”I shouted and dried my tears. “really”a voice said i turned and Austin was behind me with deya’s dad. I smiled out tears. he had only a small wound and deya’s […]

Dream. {Season 3}… Episode 15

DREAME …. Episode 15……. Chidinma Jerry m Star queen fifteen I and alison already rushed out and I ran after her just then she received a call. “hello”she shouted. “whaaat”she screamed and dropped the call. “what is wrong?”I asked “false alarm, he left for early morning mass” Alison said and started laughing. I suddenly start […]

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