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Aduke… Episode 20

# Aduke Narrator :Aderibigbe Ayomide(oko Adesewa) This story is based on a life experience. either real or fiction it’s your choice to choose. Whatsapp :08105835201 # Episode 20 When you are a step between life and death, don’t be afraid to talk. Your speech can make a difference. ” he’s going to use his ruined […]

Fate… Episode 9

# FATE {Drunk in your Love} SEASON 1 # Episode_9 . . I can’t believe things will actually turn out this way, i don’t want to lose Camille, i love her so much but at the same time i also don’t want to lose my daughter, but what else can i do, if Camille is […]

Fate… Episode 8

# FATE {Drunk in your Love} SEASON 1 # Episode_8 . . I stood infront of my large dressing mirror and touched my tommy. “don’t worry baby, am sorry for all i did, i promise to be a good mother to you. I don’t want you to go through what i went through. All i […]

Fate… Episode 7

# FATE {Drunk in your Love} SEASON 1 # Episode_7 . . Everything seems so perfect ever since i got married to Anton, i so much love this man. The world seems to be against us but yet true love overcome all, am sure our marriage will last. I open the curtains then look at […]

Fate… Episode 6

# FATE {Drunk in your Love} SEASON 1 # Episode_6 . I later arrived home late in the night, i know my mom must be worried about me. “Camille, where have you been to? she asked. “am fine mom,” i said while she quickly hugged me tight. “i was worried about you, i called Antonio […]

Fate… Episode 5

# FATE {Drunk in your Love} SEASON 1 # Episode_5 . Camille’s POV I on the television and was shocked with the news i saw. Mr. Scott had an accident and died, that’s Antonio’s father. “Catherine!!! i yelled her name and she quickly rushed out from the kitchen. “what? she asked a bit pissed with […]

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