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Clumsy Nurse.{Season 2}… Episode 8

Timigold Interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

Season 2( Chapter 8 )
By chidinma jerry m
annastssia Alexandra Grande , she looked calm when she was in coma but she looks fierce,strict and scary in real life, I must say she’s pretty ..she moved her hair with her hands and walked in fully.she wore a short skirt which flattered her figure. her skin proves she’s really rich… is this the woman I want to drag a man with….I am happy and jealous at the same time, I am happy that Anna is strong but am jealous and scared.can ryan really choose me…I organised my night gown and looked at Ryan who held the plate in shock…. Anna dropped her bag on the couch and walked down to us smiling..even her smile is packaged.did she go to a school for carriage and poise?, She has so much aura and presence I bowed and she chuckled gently
” hy Clara , I always wanted to see you my dream came true”, she said.I lifted my face and smiled
” come here, thank you for everything.
she hugged me and I held her tight , am jealous but I can’t hate her she is still my friend,my Angel, my sleeping beauty.
” Anna you didn’t call”, ryan said.
she ran towards him in a heavy heat almost crying then she hugged him tightly.I just remembered her days in coma am sure Ryan rememberred that too cos he wrapped both arms around her and bent himself more comfortably into her arms with a plain face and his mouth pouted sweetly I can’t even read his thoughts. after a while she desingaged from the hug and kissed his lips that was when he looked at me I looked away he let her kiss him for long minutes.she unlocked and pecked his lips play fully.all this is hurting me.
” Anna you didn’t tell me
” i wanted to surprise you ,did I try ?
she took the plate from ryan
” who gave my boyfriend work to do “, she said as she took his hands and they both walked out …I thought she would walk past me but she took my hands too.we all walked into the living room and sat down….I sat quietly apart from Ryan who still looked confused.
she sat with him on the couch
” I really missed you both so much,when is the trip ending” she asked looking into Ryan’s face
” oh it will soon”, Ryan said
” so Clara tell me about your boyfriend”, she said and fell into Ryan’s arms
what do I say ..I looked at Ryan and bowed gently
” arrrgh she must be shy, so how are you guys enjoying the place” she spoke into Ryan’s lips again… daniella is right she is possessive .
Ryan balanced his leg so she would stay comfortably in his arms without falling down. he lifted his hands to his face
” Anna it’s fine the place is fun”, Ryan said
” Clara must really be the quiet type
sir Ryan looked at me again and I forced my tears back …I can’t cry here.
” unnie I will check something In my room
” oh ok.
I rushed into my room where all my tears streamed out.I sat on the floor with my legs folded I realize what I did…what If Ryan can’t break up with Anna , what will I do… I saw them both walk into his room from my door.I wiped my tears but more streamed
Ryan’s p.o.v
I am so confused ,breaking up with Anna is no longer an option I am tied to her even if I don’t love her anymore.I and Anna walked into my room and she sat down.
” Anna about the merger
” Ryan what’s wrong
” Anna why didn’t you tell me
” Ryan, she held my face softly,.it was a surprise , she said and kissed me .. what’s going on ,maybe I should follow mothers advice I should force myself to start loving Anna now that I still see her as a woman…She can’t find out about Clara ..Anna hugged me tightly I looked down into claras room. I need to sacrifice the woman I love so much..I need to break up with clara , i have no choice i am married i cant keep her as a mistress but how do i break up with clara without hurting her,how do i tell her i am married … i think clara dezerves better than me ,she deserves to go to the alter too and its obvuous i cant take her there .. i am being greedy loving her like this but how do i brk up it hurts…. Anna rose up and moved her fingers behind her, I know she wants to remove her gown so I helped her zip it down ..she pulled it off and fell on me pulling me to the bed … she placed her head on my chest..
” Anna bath you might catch a cold
” I want to but am too lazy , will you bath me please
I tapped her back
” bath
” arrrgh no
she hugged me tighter. this forced me to smile… I really missed her. minutes later she stood up and cat walked into the shower.I instantly rushed out.I ran into claras room and locked the door. its time to end this ,she turned and her eye was so red ,was she crying?
” Clara
” Ryan tell me now , will you break up with Anna
” Clara wait I need to tell you something I pulled her into my arms
” tell me about Anna ,will you break up or not ” she fought away my touch…why is she so pained she’s making it harder
” Clara i love you so much but
” but you can’t leave Anna why?
” Clara wait , there is more
” ryan it was painful,it hurts me when she’s touching you just do it ryan, tell her !” Clara fell weakly into my arms crying like kid. you don’t understand but it’s worse than this…. I can’t break up with clara to her face oh God I love her so much I held her tight.
” Clara i want to break up with Anna too but not right now,Anna did something serious Clara and what she did just made everything hard
she didnt talk she ran off.
Clara is too innocent for all this, what am I doing to her she doesn’t deserve this I ran upstairs back to Anna she was already dressed up she wore a black long transparent jacket.her black pant and bra where obviously visible.her waist and leg chain brightened her figure.she packed her hair and walked to me.
“Ryan your favourite t.v show is about to start lets go.she tried running out and I dragged her back
” what
I took both sides of the jacket and tied it together
” ok Let’s go.
” Anna can you watch it here
” no I want to watch with Clara
” uhmmm why don’t you dress up.
” I feel hot and there is no man here.
she tired rushing out again I moved her back and dragged her to my cupboard
” Anna am a doctor , we can have a visitor anytime.
I pulled off the jacket and handed her my shirt.she shakes her head in disagreement so pulled her over and slipped both her hands in .I button her up and folded the hands.
” can i go now…she rushed out even with my own remote…. I remember her days in coma am Glad she is strong now…I can’t believe I fell deeply for Clara … I can’t believe am going to hurt Anna we really shared something beautiful but clara gave more meaning to my life I walked down behind her and she knocked on Claras door.
oh no …Anna Clara is hurting..
claras p.o.v
is Ryan knocking again.I opened the door and it was Anna..she wore Ryan’s was thick white and kind off flattered her wide hip. she smiled and dragged me out of my room.
” uhhmm is everything ok.
” Clara have you watched this show before
” no.
” you should, its hot…Ryan introduced me to it ever since then I don’t miss it.
I looked at Ryan and nodded.I am so comfused I might run mad.Anna sat down woth a bowl corns which she placed on her lap…now she seems more like a girl when she first came she looked like she doesn’t smile or play.I looked at Ryan and he picked a health record. Anna forcing a huge amount of pop corn into my mouth brought me back to present.
she laughed , so cute
” eat alot Clara
I nodded . I don’t even know how to be angry with Anna .I just wish I never fell for ryan.
” look out thats the mystery Prince…he works with the guards too but no one knows its him…he is looking for a good maiden to marry so he is hiding his identity
” oh ok.
” Ryan I think something entered my nails ,it pains…since midnight.. “, she looked at him and formed a baby face..Ryan looked at me and I looked away he dropped the file.
” what where you doing Anna
” I dont know
” must you always be know you just came out of let me see the finger .she handed him her hand and he lifted her fingers into his eye..
” I think I see’s black.
” really
” yes wait.. he used his teeth and she smiled happily .. so mucH care ..I dried up my tears in a speed could Ryan still have something left for Anna..soon he was done
” there, be careful from now on
” yes sir .. Anna smiled and turned to me I instantly faced the t.v
” Clara …
I gently bowed ..
“Clara stop being so formal…I am trying my best to be less formal although I am used to being if you keep being formal it would get difficult
” oh sorry
” what do you think of the story line
” it’s awesome
she smiled and her phone rang she stood up and rose up to sir ryan on the couch..
does his body store network … she slipped herself into his arms and picked her call while kissing his neck
” honey its Dad
” my dad
” yes
” speaker
” sure.
she kissed him deeply and he looked at me then withdrew .
” did you just withdraw from my kiss
” uhmmm so you can pick the call Anna .
she smiled and picked the call.
” Dad ,good afternoon.
what am I still doing here ,I get hurt every minute.did she drag me out to hurt me.
“Anna my dear.. am just leaving your house.I went to meet your Dad
” ok
” we just made a huge transfer for the new hospital in India… now this partnership is sweet all thanks to you.
” Dad!!, surprise surprise
” are you in my bedroom again
“arrrgh dad you never forget that day…I really had business to discuss that night.
Ryan’s Dad chuckled..they must be so close.
” so what’s the surprise
” am in Africa
” with your husband
” yes
” tell Ryan to make a baby
she laughed
” give my son the phone..
” no I won’t
Ryan took the phone from her
” Dad
” are you ok
” yes
” things are moving fast our hospital in India has kicked off.all thanks to Anna
” yes Dad
“ok have fun
” ok.
Ryan dropped the call and Anna took her phone. she kissed him again … did Mr dervan just say husband he must be kidding … i looked at anna who lay comfortably on ryan .. Diana warned me..I wrapped my fingers round my leg innocently and breathed hardly while gulping and fumming courage
” umm Anna I will bath ,I said
” ok bye but do you like the movie
I nodded
” ok
I rushed up into my room from where I still watched them from my window…. as she brushed her fingers behind his hair and Ryan kept looking up and down and sighing
what do I do , what can i do… I wonder when Anna will leave.I rushed into my shower from where I fell into a deep sleep out of pain…. I feel pain too much.
hours later Anna came into my room
” come eat
i nodded and we both walked into the dinner.
” Ryan what do you think,you always said I can’t cook.Anna said
” it’s …uhmmm. great
” oh ok
she added more to my plate
” eat a lot my love ” Anna said to me I nodded.
Anna’s pov
i and Ryan walked into the room he locked the door.
” I missed you so much Ryan .
he nodded and dropped his book..why is he avoiding my stare he fell on the bed and I rose on him… seductively runing my legs from his thigh up.I kissed him deeply and after a while he withdrew
I feathered my lips down his neck
” Anna wait,…. infact I feel weak.
” ryan its been years, if you resist me In any way I will be forced to believe that you have been cheating.
he heaved a sigh and I unbuttoned his shirt.while kissing his lip deeply .he withdrew again and placed his hands on his face
” Anna one minute,I will use the shower,I feel hot
” ok ” I lay back and he walked out.
Ryan’s pov
I walked into the shower , mom is right Anna shouldn’t suspect a thing and denying her sex will just blow the cover. I can’t hold Anna without breaking up with Clara first , maybe I should just try mums idea first…..there’s no Point hurting clara.I can’t repeat the same thing Anna did with Tony if I will hold Anna I should break off all ties with Clara I can’t insult Clara. i called her on phone
” uhm hello..ryan”, she said
” Clara lets break up..
” what
” Clara i really have no other choice.. there a lot of things going on and
” no,you want to make love to her, and you can’t do it while dating me too right
” Clara that’s not …
” you couldn’t break up with Anna over the phone but you can break up with me she sobbed again
” Clara wait, please.
” Ryan why are you hurting me… I don’t know how to manage pain ..please don’t leave me…
” Clara wait” my phone dropped into the hand wash , i placed both hands on the hand wash… this hurts..this really hurts. I don’t have a choice maybe after this night with Anna i might rekindle what we had and maybe let clara go for good cos am married ,she doesn’t even know . I don’t deserve her love its pointless giving her false hope and holding her greedily I walked out
” what a fast bath “, Anna said as she rose up to me she kissed me again all over till I fell into her charms.. I am just emotionally weak right now. I unbuttoned the shirt she wore and I pulled it out… then I cuddled her deeply into my arms kissing her …I unhooked her bra and lifted her inches high. I brushed my fingers through her back and and kissed her neck down to her cleavage she moaned out .i slipped out the p*nt and turned her over to the bed…. She kissed me deeply and deeped my fingers down below her herself then she whispered to my ears “tease”..I cant believe i forgot that’s her favourite..I played my fingers down and she gasped as I did what she liked most…
claras p.o.v
I can’t believe Ryan , diana was right.Ryan just broke up with me who knows if Ryan still loves Anna, does Ryan want to make love to Anna ,no ryan please don’t…I rushed out of my room like I was psychotic and before I could get to his door I heard moans..I wiped my tears..and started walking like a feet Is too weak to carry me…my eyes are blinded with tears, my heart is pained. i fell to the floor ,i want to leave but I don’t know why I can’t leave..I wiped my tears which kept streaming down.was this why Ryan dumped me…. but he didnt agree to make love to me why Anna,does he really love me . i cried my heart out
they both kept moaning into each other’s lips…. and I kept sobbing slowly .
Anna’s p.o.v
awwww , oh God … I kept moaning out carelessly with my fingers brushing through Ryan. i really missed him I can’t seem to get enough.and the way he held me just the same way he is used to holding me in bed with so much care.I carressed his back oooh God I need to feel him deeper…. Ryan was just perfect in bed he made love to me like no other man ever did and when we lived together we made love almost every day mid night or early morning… we never got tired I really wonder why I got carried away by Tony that very day.
I unwrapped my legs around him and he brought his fingers to my br**st and fondled them hotly i almost bit my lower lips out .. i moaned out as his thrust grew harder and faster. he already gave me the perfect climax when he massaged his fingers on my clit so perfectly ,my favourite.Ryan knows how to get me weak and helpless but I think I am hearing sobs outside. awwww I can’t think about that right now I missed Ryan .
he fell to the bed i wrapped my hands around him
” missed you
he switched off the lights completely to blind dark… I brushed my fingers down his tummy and just hovered around his lower tummy touching him playfully. he didn’t talk.I brushed my fingers to his chest and balanced my face there is Ryan sweating or did he shed a tear.he stood up and rushed into the shower .
claras p.o.v
I rushed out and ran into my room,ryan easily resisted me but he can’t resist Anna.I walked with my eyes half blind crying with thoughts. I hit my self against my wall I still stood up and walked into the shower where I sat quietly on the floor and turned the water on. I sat like that till morning.Diana was right , this pains
I cought a very heavy cold early the next morning.I wore my towel jacket and rushed out.Ryan was dressed to go out.I forgot he has early surgery.
Anna walked out too.she wore a red jacket exposing her red bra.I bowed to them both.sir Ryan looked at me from hair to toe,I hastily wiped my tears
” Clara are you not ready
“sorry sir , I will get ready.
I tried walking out when Anna spoke up
” Ryan let her be, she is really very tired can’t you see her face.
” ok.. am leaving.
ryan rushed out and I bowed to Anna. Anna locked the door I tried walking out but she dragged me back with one hand and locked my room door
” Anna what is….
she slapped me
I held my face and tears streamed down ” Anna please let me…
She slapped me again this time with her left hand…. then she gasped for air and wiped her own tears.

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