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All For Love… Episode 25

Timigold Interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

*All For Love – Episode 25*

Sandra: i told you that you won’t be happy with that card. . He still looked furious not knowing what to do. He can’t believe his eyes. He can’t really believe and accept it that rose was really getting married to dandy the following day.

Sandra: i warned you that you won’t be happy with the card. She repeated again

. He thought hard on what to do but could not think of any solution he began to walk round the room with still a very long angry face. She ran to him and began to calm him down

Sandra: i am sorry for bringing this invitation card right here, please will you forget about it and put on a happy face.

Being angry might cause you a heart attack. . but he was inflated already. He took out his phone and began to dail rose number but rose refused to pick the call. Despite the numerous number of times he called but it went down with out any answer. This made his blood boil more and more with anger and when he can’t take it any more, he tried to bang out of the house with a mission to rose’s house but Sandra quickly blocked the door preventing him from moving any further.

Edward: angrily) get off my way!

Sandra: no way!

Edward: don’t you hear English, get of my way before i rest my anger on you!

Sandra: i insist. You might end up getting hurt

. So please stop all these drama of yours.

Then He tried to push her off the way but she held him tight pushing him inside. Then they began to struggle and in no time, she reached his lips with hers. He stopped the struggle immediately.

Edward: and what is the meaning of that?

Sandra: began to panicky) i…i…i…i she stammered.

Edward: keep staring at her) its okay then she ran to him and huged him again. . just very early in the morning the following day, rose began to hear some noise at the gate so she went to her window to check what was happening. And on opening the curtain, he saw Edward shouting her name. He was inside the compound and perhaps had knoked the gate man down before coming Inside. She wanted to go down and talk to him but she can’t. She just only stood watching the scene with tears. Sooner, she saw her dad approaching him and she could hear them audibly.

Edward: you foolish man, you must pay for the death of my mother.

Mr. Titus: young man what are you doing here?

Edward: you killed my mother, you must face the punishment.

Mr. Titus: hahaha!!! Oh your mother is dead! Hahaha!!!. Didn’t you know that you are the reason behind her death, with his statement, Edward got more inflated that he can’t control it any more. He ran up to Mr. Titus and gave him two hot blows before his boys intervened and stopped him.

Edward: angrily) you must pay you criminal, i will make sure you rot in jail some day!

Mr. Titus: very angry) take that idiot out of here and give him a super beating out side so that he won’t bother to near this gate ever again.

Then those boys dragged him out of the compound. That was all she could see from her window. She then began to cry bitterly feeling guilty of every thing that is happening to him. She regretted ever coming up with suggestion of running away with him. If only she knew what it would result to at the latter end.

. More so, she is not feeling any better getting married to someone who she know she don’t like. She thought of what to do to stop the marriage but no reasonable idea. – Soon, people gathered in the church from far and near to witness the wedding ceremony. Every body was present apart from 1 important person who was Rose. They waited patiently for the Driver to arrive with the Bride but it seems to be taking eternity. Mr. Titus sent some of his men back to check on them and they did as commanded. They went back the way home and returned again with out any trace of her. They began to dail her number but it was switched off.


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Updated: October 24, 2019 — 3:42 pm

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Timigold interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

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