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Bad boy’s Next Door… Episode 4

Timigold Interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

πŸ‘« Badboy’s Next Door πŸšͺ
( Crazy Neighbors 😜)

πŸ’›πŸ’› Episode 4 πŸ’›πŸ’›

πŸ’œ Alex’s Pov πŸ’œ

” What do you mean? ” I asked

” I took her home today,,, she’s really pretty ” Harry said with a wink

” So? ” Oliver asked

” I think I have a crush on her ” Harry said

” You won’t dare!! She’s not a slut,,, you don’t need a girlfriend Harry, you are never serious ” I said angrily

” Hey dude, why are you so angry about it? Do you like her by any chance? ” Oliver asked

” What?? ,,, I don’t. She’s just my neighbor ” I said

” So,,, I can have her ” Harry said

I hissed inwardly,,

I don’t have anything to do with her anyway,,, I don’t care

πŸ’œ Vanessa πŸ’œ

” Hey little sis, am sorry ” Stanley said trying to touch me

” Don’t touch me, am not forgiving you easily this time so fuck off ” I yelled and pushed him out of my room

He’s just so stupid, how can he treat his blood sister that way. Am so angry right now

I opened my window and sniff in the air, so cool. Just then Alex also opened his window,, I turned to him and got lost in his cuteness

” Stop drooling , four eyes ” he said and I rolled my eyes

” Am not drooling ” I said

” Why did you allow Harry take you home? You should have just go home in something else ” he said

” What do you mean? ” I asked

” Move to your left ” he said

” Huh? ”

” Four eyes,, move to your left ” he repeated

I moved and to my surprise, he jumped into my room.

” What are you doing? How can you just bang into a girl’s room that way? ” I asked

” Nice room ” He said ignoring me .
He turned to me and I felt uncomfortable immediately,, am only putting on a singlet and a short, talking about a short,, very short short .

” Nice dress too ” he said checking me out

” Idiot ” I muttered

” Seems you are shy,,, okay change into something better ” He said and turned his back at me

I quickly put on my pajamas

” You can turn,,,, but what are you doing in my room? What if someone finds out? ” I asked

” The person will be happy to see us together ” He winked

” Am leaving anyway ” He said and lean closer to me like he’s sniffing me in

” What are you doing? ” I asked moving back

” Nice smell,, but unattractive face ” he scoff

” What? ”

” You are so ugly,,, not my taste ” he said and I laughed

” Are you a gay? ” I asked

” What do you mean? ”

” I heard you never had a girlfriend in your life,, so maybe you are a gay ” I winked

He kissed me and I was shocked,,, I was about kissing him back when he moved back

” That means nothing,,, I just wanted to prove to you that am not gay ” He said

Nothing? But he just stole my first kiss!!!

” Don’t think too much,, I know it’s your first kiss ” he said

” You should be happy,, because I never kiss girls, they do the kissing. Gosh,, I hate the one who stole my first kiss

” What?? You are just too crazy ” I said

” I hate girls,,, they really disgust me. Especially the flirting ones ” he said

” Am not a flirt ” I said

” Really? How sure are you? ”

” 100% ” I said

” We will see to that ” He said with a smirk

” Idiot ” I said

” Four eyes ” he said and moved to the window

” You are leaving already? ” I asked

” Seems you are missing me already ” He winked

” No am not ”

” Okay,, bye ” he said and jumped back to his room

I stare at him, he smirk at me and walked out of his room.

Such a crazy fellow,, but cute anyway.

” Who was that? ” Mom came into my room

” Nobody ” I said

” Hmm,,, really? ”

” What,,, I said nobody ” I said with a smile

” Do you like him? ” she asked

” Who? ”

” Come on you know who am talking about ” She said

” of course not,, I don’t ” I said and sat down on the bed

” if you say so ” She said and pecked my cheek

” Goodnight mom ” I said

” Goodnight baby,, and don’t be mad at your brother. You know he may be crazy sometimes ” she said and walked out of my Roy om

Stanley Stanley Stanley,,,,,, you are such a jerk. I’ve forgiven you though,,, but am gonna make you suffer for this.

Alex thought brushed through my mind and I smile,, I guess he’s cool anyway .


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Updated: September 3, 2020 — 5:46 am

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Timigold interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

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