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Bad boy’s Next Door… Episode 5

Timigold Interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

πŸ’˜ Badboy’s Next Door πŸšͺ

πŸ’šπŸ’š Episode 5 πŸ’šπŸ’š

πŸ’œ Vanessa’s POV πŸ’œ

I rushed into a jean trouser and a crop top,,, jeez am fucking late already.

I run downstairs,, am not surprised. Stanley is gone already

” Bye mom!! ” I shouted and ran out.

How do I get to school? Am sure the bus will be gone by now,,,, will I walk? Oh Vanessa you are dead

” Anybody care for a ride? ” a voice said behind me, I turned immediately and it’s Alex just going to school by 9:00am??!!

What are you saying Vanessa, you are both late

I ignored his question and ran into the car

” Thanks ” I said breathing hard

” Don’t thank me ” he said briefly and took off

The drive was really silent as ever,, making me have a doubt 🀷 if this was the same Alex who spoke to me so sweetly yesterday.

Finally we got to school,, we both got down from the car, I was walking in his front.

Suddenly I saw some students pointing at me and laughing really hard,, what is happening?

I looked back at Alex who only kept a straight face With his two hands in his pocket

” Four eyes,, you are so dumb ” he said shaking his head

” What? ” I stopped looking confused

” Check your legs” he said and I looked down

Whaaaat!!! Am putting on a bathroom slippers!!! Am so,,,,, gosh

” Oh my God,,!! What is this?!! ” Tessa shouted and everyone started laughing, I was really boiling in anger already

” Even my pet can’t put on that ” she said and smirk,, everyone laughed again

Suddenly I felt something down,, I checked and it’s Alex taking off the slippers,,,

πŸ’‹ Omg!! What is he doing?

” What are you doing? ” I asked

” Shut up four eyes ” he said

I watched him wearing a shoe for me,, what??

πŸ’‹ He help her wear a shoe
πŸ’‹ Are they couples now?
πŸ’‹ What about Tessa?

Gosh these students are annoying

” Alex,, what are you doing? Helping this bitch put on a shoe?? ” Tessa asked sounding angrily

” I don’t know if she’s a bitch,,, am only trying to help ” he said

” Thank you ” I said softly

He ignored me and walked away,,, I can’t believe he did that.

” Come here you ” Tessa said dragging me by the hand,, she took me to somewhere silent

” Are you seducing him? Alex will never do that for a girl,, why are you so different??!!! Tell me!! ” she yelled angrily

I don’t know,, why did he help me anyway?

” Am talking to you!! ”

” What do you want me to say? I guess it’s because am not a flirt like you,, ” I said and winked at her before leaving her behind.
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I left for the class immediately

” I heard what happened in the morning,, are you dating Alex now? ” Lilah asked as we both walk to the cafeteria for lunch

” Of course not,,, we are just friends ” I said,, I wish it’s true anyway

” I think you are really lucky ” she said and moved her hair behind her ear

” Why do you say that? ” I asked

” Don’t you know? Everyone know that Alex hate girls,, ” she said and I remember his statement

” Girls disgust me,, especially the flirting ones ” he said

” Why do you think he hate them? ” I asked

” I don’t know,, only his friends will be able to answer that ” she said

Why do you hate girls? And why are you so different toward me? What if I fall in love with you? No,,, I think am falling already.

Who will resist him? He’s just like a small god,,, so handsome!!! And,, I don’t know

” back to earth Van ” Lilah said snapping her finger at me

” Am sorry ” I said

We took our order and got a seat

” You are just gonna have ice cream?? ” She asked

” I’m not hungry ” I said and started thinking about Alex again

Suddenly someone poured a very chilled water on me,, I jerked off and students gasped.

I looked up and found Tessa smirking at me with her two friends smiling

” What the fuck Tessa!! ” I screamed

” Oh sorry,, it was a mistake. I never thought someone was sitting there,, I thought it’s just a bowl ” she said and everyone in the cafeteria laughed

I looked down at my wet cloth and turned angrily at her,,

” Oops,,, I guess you are really angry right now. So what are you gonna do? ” she asked folding her arms

My eye caught with Alex and his friends coming in,,,

” You can just go home for today ” She said

Gosh,,, I don’t even know what to say right now

” What is happening here? ” A voice said and we turned to where the voice is coming from

” What is happening? ” Harry asked while Alex kept a straight face as usual. Still cute though

Vanessa you are in a mess and you are still thinking about how cute he is,, are you crazy?

” I am teaching this bitch a lesson, anything wrong with that? ” Tessa asked facing Them

” You should just go home ” She said to me again

” I will take you home ” Alex said and the students gasped again

” What? ” Tessa said with a face burning with anger

” You don’t know? She lives beside my house,,, I can take her home ” Alex said and winked at Tessa

” Maybe we should make it clear to her well ” Oliver said and everyone laughed

Why are these guys treating me well?

” Let’s go ” He said dragging me with him,,, I followed him like a sheep taking instructions from it’s shepherd


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Updated: September 3, 2020 — 5:49 am

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Timigold interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

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