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Bad boy’s Next Door… Episode 6

Timigold Interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

πŸ’• Bad boy’s Next Door πŸšͺ

Episode 6 πŸ’™πŸ’š

πŸ’œ Vanessa’s Pov πŸ’œ

” Why are you acting nice? ” I asked and he turned back at me

” Don’t think it’s something special,, am doing all these because I don’t like Tessa ” He said and entered the car

” So you like me? ” I asked as I also entered

” I don’t,,,, and don’t like me either ” he said and I faced him

” Why? ”

” I don’t have an answer to that,, but don’t fall in love with me. You will regret it ” he said

So I have to stop falling in love with you? What if I can’t?

And why will I regret it?

” Go ” he said, I looked up and discover we are home

” Thanks ” I said and got out,, he ignored me and left immediately.

What is he doing?

” Why are you home? ” mom asked

” Same question goes to you ” I smiled

” I took a day off ” she said

” same here ” I said and smiled

” Why? ”

” But I did not even ask you why!! ” I chuckled and ran upstairs

I can’t probably tell my mom what happened, I don’t want her to think am weak. I should fight for myself, no one can do that.

I stare out of my window hoping he’s going to open up but he’s not even coming, I sigh and sat down on the bed.

Why do I keep on thinking about him? What have you done to me Alex?

And why do you want me to stay away from you?

” Hey Vanessa ” Stanley called coming into my room

I ran to hug him immediately,, I really miss him alot

” What is happening here? ” he asked and I broke from the hug

” I missed you ” I said and smiled

” I thought you are mad at me ” he said with a smirk

” Not anymore ” I said and smiled

” That’s good to hear ” He said

” Why do you sound different? ” normally he would have said something to annoy me again

” It’s nothing ” he said and walked out

What is wrong with him right now?

I stare at the window once more before I finally slept off,, goodnight world. I said and smiled inwardly.

I jerked up immediately I heard the alarm,, I don’t want to get to school late again.

I quickly rushed into the bathroom and took a warm shower,,,, I went back in.

I put on something really light,, just a short pink gown and a white tennis shoes.

I used a pink hood also,,,, I took my bag and went downstairs

” Ready? ” Stanley asked and I nodded

” Dad? Why are you home? ” I asked,, it’s very unusual

” Stanley didn’t tell you anything? ” He asked and I faced Stanley

I knew something was wrong

” I couldn’t bring myself to tell her ” He said

” What is it? ” I asked

” Your brother just got admitted into the soccer team high,,,, you know this has always be his dream. So I and your mom will be going With him for proper things to be done ” father said, I turned to Stanley and then back to father

” What???!! How about me?? How will I stay alone here? ” I asked almost tearing up

” I already made an arrangement,,, you will stay with Gemma and her family. Don’t worry you will be fine ” Mother said

” This is unfair ” I said and walked out of the house

” Vanessa!! ” Stanley ran after me and held me back

” What!! ” I yelled at him

” Am sorry,,, but you don’t have to be sad ” he said

” I don’t have to be sad?? Why? You should know I can’t live without you!! Now you are leaving me here,,, how sure am I that I will ever see you again? ” I said and burst into tears

” I am sorry,, but there is nothing we can do about this. Kindly hi ish on+233544142683 to be added to story headquarters room to read more exciting stories from there. I promise to always talk to you okay? ” He said

I hugged him and socked his shirt with my tears

” I love you so much Stanley ” I said

” I love you too kid ” He said and ruffled my hair

” Let’s go ” He said and we both entered the car

Now he’s gonna leave me here,,,, what is gonna happen? Even though he’s annoying sometimes,, he’s still the best brother in the world and I love him so much.

He dropped me In school and went his way

I walked into the class and sat down with my head on the locker,,, am not really okay right now. My eye keep on tearing up when I think about Stanley,,,,,

” see who we got here ” I heard a voice and I looked up and it’s Tessa and of course her two friends

” Oops, are you crying? Did Alex broke your heart? ” She asked and the class laughed

I wipe off my tears immediately

” You should try to have some more time for yourself dummy ” I said and everyone gasped

” Did you just call me a dummy? ”

” Oh,, sorry my bad. I guess I should have called you empty head instead ” I said and winked

The class laughed really loudly this time

” You will regret this ” She said groaning

” We will see to that ” I said and sat down

” That was awesome ” Lilah said

I ignored her and brought out a book,,, I wasn’t even thinking about the book but something else.

How will I be able to stay in Alex house? He will be harsh no doubt.

πŸ’œ Alex Pov πŸ’œ

” What do you mean? That girl is coming to stay here? For two weeks??!! ” I shouted somehow angry

” It’s nothing Alex,, and you guys are supposed to be friends right? ” She said and I scoff

” Whatever ” I said and walked out of the house

” She will be staying in your house? ” Harry asked

” Yeah ” I said and sip from my drinks

” I guess that’s a good thing though ” Oliver said and I shut him a glare

” How? ”

” Maybe you guys can fall in love with each other ” He said

” That’s never gonna happen ” I said

” See Alex,,, it’s high time you forgot about Ana. She’s never coming back okay? And how sure are you that she have not moved on yet? ” Harry asked

” I don’t care,,,, I don’t think I can fall in love with someone else. Guys,, i am the one at fault. I cheated on her ” I said

” How many times do I have to tell you that you never cheated on her. Am very sure Tessa planned all that to separate you guys,, we all know you can never do such thing ” Oliver said

” Each time I see that Witch Tessa, I always feel like choking her ” Harry said

” I don’t know what to believe right now,,, I really wish I can tell her what happened and apologize to her. Am just hurt in my heart whenever I remember that ” I said and sigh


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Updated: September 3, 2020 — 5:51 am

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Timigold interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

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