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Bad boy’s Next Door… Episode 8

Timigold Interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

😍 Bad boy’s Next Door πŸšͺ

Episode 8

πŸ’œ Alex Pov πŸ’œ

I waited for almost an hour after school but she refused to come out,,, am really getting fed up already.

I walked back into the school and unfortunately for me I met Tessa in the class alone,, I immediately turned to leave

” Alex!!! ” She shouted and ran to me

” Get out of my way this minute ” I said calmly

” Alex please look at me ”

” And why the fuck will I look at you? ” I asked with a disgust voice

” If you don’t look at me,, am gonna kiss you ”

” You won’t dare do that,, am gonna kill you ” I said and pushed her out of my way

” Don’t go please ” She hugged me from the back

All these is because of Vanessa,, I shouldn’t have come back here.

” Tessa let go off me ” I said

” I love you so much,,, don’t leave me ” She said still holding me

I looked up and found Vanessa starring at us with a sad look,, before I was able to call her. She ran off

” Let go off me you devil!! ” I yelled angrily and pushed her off me

” Is it because of Vanessa? Do you like her more than me? ”

” Even my shadow can’t fall in love with you Tessa,, just stop all these ” I said and ran out of the class.

I sighted Vanessa standing beside the car already,,, I entered and she also did.

πŸ’œ Vanessa’s Pov πŸ’œ

He took off immediately he got to me,,, he did not even try to tell me what happened with Tessa wasn’t true.

Are they couples now? I hope not

” Why do you keep on falling in love with someone who doesn’t even love you? ” My inner mind asked

” He’s gonna love me back very soon ” I replied inwardly

” That’s never gonna happen, just give up ” It said again

” Shut the hell up!!! ” I yelled inwardly

” Jeez,, why are you yelling? You scared me ” Alex said and I gasped

” What did you hear? ” I asked facing him

” Shut the hell up? ”

” Thank God ” I said and sigh

” Why? ”

” Never mind ” i replied

We got home,, I guess no one is here yet

I walked into the room am staying and collapse on the bed. I remember how I saw Vanessa hugging him

“Damn,, it was so tight!! ” I shouted and threw a pillow away

” What happened? ” Alex rushed in

” Oops,,, nothing ” I said and smiled

” You are becoming something else ” he said

” Am gonna follow you to Harry’s house tomorrow ” I said and pouted

” For what? ”

” What’s your business with that ” I asked and smirk inwardly

” Then you can find your way ” He said

” Okay,,, he’s my partner in the project work ” I said

” Okay ” he said and opened the door

” And happy love life with Tessa ” I said and covered my face with a pillow

” Thanks ” he replied

I threw the pillow immediately

” What??? You guys are dating now? ” I asked

” Yeah ” He said

” Okay ” I said and stood up

” You can leave now ” I said trying to prevent my tears,,

” How many times do I have to tell you that I hate her? ”

” But she hugged you,,,, you didn’t even push her away. You like her,, just pretending like you don’t and,,,,, ” he interrupted me with a kiss

I widen my eyes open,,, what is he doing right now

” Gosh!!! What type of girl are you? You should just close your eyes!! Stupid four eyes ” he said and left

Wait,,,,, did,, did,,, did Alex just kissed me?

” What the fuck!!!!! ” I shouted jumping round the room stupidly

πŸ’œ Alex Pov πŸ’œ

Why did I kiss her again.? Why? The more I wanna avoid her, the more she keep on coming to my mind, and I ended up kissing her again.

But the truth is I still love Ana a lot,, I just wish she come back to me. It’s been 3 years now.

” I really miss you a lot ” I said in tears starring at her picture

” Who is she? ” A voice said from the back

” When did you come in? ” I asked and put the phone away

” That doesn’t even answer the question,,, ” Vanessa said and walked closer to me

” She’s someone you can’t know ” I said

” You,,, cried ” she said and wipe my tears with her thumb

” Stop ” I held her hand to prevent her from touching me

” Am sorry,,, I just wanna help “.

” I don’t need your help,, stay away ” I said and stood up

I was about leaving the room when she held my hand back

” Why are you always hard on me? Some minutes ago, you were nice. You even kissed me,,,, ”

” That was a mistake,,, just forget about it ” I said and a hot slap landed on my face

” I hate you!! Why do you keep playing with my emotions? Do you think you can just do that for fun? Jeez,, you disgust me ” She said and walked out

” Vanessa wait ” I imagine myself saying but I could not

Am just too sad and angry at the same time,, do I really played with her emotions?

” You are such a jerk Alex,,, you told her not to like you and you keep on kissing her. You sure played with her emotions ” My inner mind said

Maybe I should just apologize to her,,, I was about going when I heard mom voice

” Kids!!! Come have dinner ” She shouted

πŸ’œ Vanessa πŸ’œ

I came out of the room am staying when I heard mom’s voice,,, I bumped into Alex. I immediately ignored his gaze and went downstairs,,

Such an a**hole, am gonna avoid him even if it’s hard

” your face is dull,, are you sick? ” Mom asked

” Am fine ” I said simply and sat down

Just then Alex also sat down just opposite me,,, I wonder why his father always come home late,, just a workaholic like my dad

” Do you guys have a fight? ” Mom asked

I guess she’s just as curious as my mother,,,

” Of course not ” Alex replied

I shot him a glare and focus back on the food,,,

” Jerk ” I muttered

” What? ”

” Nothing mam ” I said With a smile and faced the food again

I just lost my appetite,,,,,

I was about to enter my room when Alex came in before I do

” What the fuck are you doing here? ” I asked

He locked the door and smirk

” I asked a question ”

” I,,,, I am sorry. I am really sorry if I played with your emotions,,,” He said while I just stood there like a dumb person

I don’t know what to say right now

” Am I forgiven? ” He asked

” Yeah ” I said and smiled

” But do you think you can survive it if you avoid me? ” He asked with a wink

” Get out this minute ” I said pointing my finger at the door

” This is my house not yours ”

” I don’t care ” I said and pushed him out

” You can go to Harry’s house by yourself ” He spat out

I opened the door immediately

” Am sorry ” I said and he laughed,, so hard that I also joined him

” I can’t believe you threatened me ” I said

” Am sorry “.

” But don’t try to ignore me again,, never ” I said

” I won’t ” He said

I hugged him without giving it a second thought,,,

” I love you Alex ” I imagined myself saying that


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Updated: September 3, 2020 — 5:54 am

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Timigold interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

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