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Bad boy’s Next Door… Episode 9

Timigold Interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

*Bad boy’s Next Door* πŸšͺ

Episode 9

πŸ’œ Vanessa’s Pov πŸ’œ

” Do you really have to go there? ” Alex asked feeling reluctant to stand up

” Come on,, this is my mark. Am not even as brilliant as you guys. Or will you teach me that? It can save us the stress of going to Harry’s house ” I asked with a wink

” No,, I don’t know how to teach girls ” He simply said

” Why? ”

” Let’s go ” He said

” Jerk ” I muttered

” Four eyes ” He said

” Idiot ”

” Four eyes ”

” Stupid ”

” Sweetheart? ”

” Don’t call me that, am mad at you ” I said

” Okay,,, enemy ” he said

” No,, okay call me sweetheart ”

” I wasn’t calling you sweetheart in the first place,,, I was on a call ” he said and laughed

” you are such a jerk!! ” I yelled and slap his shoulder

” Come in before I leave you here four eyes ”

We got to harry’s house and I wowed,, so beautiful.

” You don’t have to stay there forever ” Alex said and smirk

I followed him in,, Oliver and Harry are there already focused on phones, I think am the only one eager to learn.

Not their fault,, they are just brilliant

” Hey Vane ” Harry and Oliver said with a smile

” Hi ” I replied with a smile also

” The last time I checked,, two humans came into this house ” Alex said walking toward somewhere I don’t know

” Do you need our greetings? ” Harry asked

” Of course not ” He replied from wherever he is

” But why did you come with her? You should just drop her here and leave ” Harry said

” I have to keep an eye on her ” Alex said


” Is she your property or what ” Oliver asked

” My mom is gonna kill me if anything happen to her ” Alex said

” you are so stupid to think he love you,, he’s just doing this because of his mom ” My mind said

But why do I have a negative mindset?

So when are we starting? ” I asked facing Harry alone this time

To my surprise they all started laughing,,,

” What’s funny? ” I asked with a confuse look

” Mehn,,,, those project work are just getting on my nerve. I thought it’s something serious,, but I finally checked it out yesterday, I can solve it while sleeping ” Oliver said

” Well am not like you guys,,, but I don’t know how guys study. I’ve never seen Alex with a book ” I said and turned to Alex

” What if I always study while you are asleep? ” He asked

” Hmmm,,, really? Maybe am gonna start doing that from now ” I said with a wink

” But for now,, please let’s do this. I can’t afford to fail this ” I said and took the phone from Harry

” Wait,,, give me back,, ” He said but I refused

” You can do this later please ”

” Okay,,,, but on one condition ” He said

” What? ”

” A kiss ”

” What!!! ” Alex and I shouted at the same time

Oliver and Harry faced each other and laughed

” Are you kidding me? ” I asked and moved away from him

” You won’t do it?,,, remember it’s your mark ” He said and slightly gave me a small piece of paper.

I read it ” Play along perfectly ” was written boldly in it.

I grin at him and nodded,,

” So are you ready? ” He asked and held my hand

” Sure,, since you are gonna teach me ” I replied

” Wait,, don’t tell me you are doing that ” Alex said walking toward us

” I don’t have a choice ” I replied and smiled

” See? She even smiled ” Harry said and pulled me to himself

He lean closer to me and was about kissing me when,,,,

” No!!! ” Alex shouted and grab my hand

” Jeez,, what are you doing. ” I asked

” Don’t worry,, I,,, I will just teach you instead. Let’s go home ” He said dragging me with him

” But you told me you don’t know how to teach girls? ” I asked

” Don’t ask me questions let’s go ” He said still dragging me with him

I turned to Harry and Oliver,, they waved and winked.

What are those two up to anyway πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

” What do you think you are going to do earlier? Kiss Harry? Or what? ” He asked on our way home

” Of course,, and why did you even stop me from doing that? ” I asked trying to avoid his gaze

” I can’t believe you right now,,, why will you allow someone,, he’s not even your boyfriend. Why will you allow him do that? ”

” Are you my boyfriend? ” I asked and faced him

” What? ”

” I said are we dating? ” I asked this time with a smile, fake one though

” Just forget it ” He said

” But don’t try to do that when am not there ” he said

” And why should I listen to you? ”

” Because you have to ”

” Why? ”

” Because you are mine ” He said silently

” What did you say? ”

” Nothing,, ” he said

I was about saying something when I realized we are home already,, he got down of the car and went inside without waiting.

What? Is he angry right now?


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Updated: September 3, 2020 — 5:56 am

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Timigold interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

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