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The kiss… Episode 100

Timigold Interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

{Loving him with all his flaws.}
“So what were you and my mum talking about?” I asked as we descend the stairs.
Soft music was being played and some couples are swaying to it. The table has been cleared and packed, creating enough room.
I saw Marion standing close to the Christmas tree with Mike bending to his level. They seem to be talking.
Nervisa and Betsy were sitting and they seem to be talking as well.
“She just barged in and started being bitchy.”
I stopped taking the stairs and turned to him.
“What did you say?”
“Did you just say my mum was acting bitchy? How can you say that? It’s unacceptable.”
“You know she doesn’t like me. She asked me to go out point-blank once she entered.”
“That is not an excuse to use the ‘B’ word for her and..”
“Wait. Are you attacking me for her?”
“She’s my mum.”
“I didn’t forget that.”
“I think you did. Tell me what else you told her, Novan.”
He rolled his eyes and descend the stairs, leaving me behind.
I felt like throwing something against his head at the moment.
My eyes suddenly met my parents who were standing at the far end and by the look of their expressions, they don’t seem happy. My dad looked upset while my mom was looking like her puppy died. Sad.
My mum suddenly bolted and my dad ran after her.
I got worried and curious at the same time. What could be the problem?
I ignored my stubborn, rude, and annoying boyfriend and ran in the direction my parents went.
I stopped at the entrance of the back door when I heard soft sobs that I recognize to be my mum’s.
“Paula, will you tell me what happened? What did he say or do?” My dad asked in concern.
My mum sniffed and dad cursed silently. “Please do not cry, that’s enough. Come here.”
“Pablo, you know I love my daughter right?”
“Yeah. Why would you ask that?”
“You also know I just want the best for her right?”
“Yes. Tell me what happened.”
“I’ve always wanted her to have a boyfriend when she clocked eighteen and she expressed her disinterest in boys. I only wanted the best but now I feel like I am the one who pressured her into making a bad choice. I wish I had not pushed her or talked about any boyfriend issues with her. Pablo, I really regret this and I feel like the worst mother that ever walked on this Earth.”
“Don’t say that Paula.”
“What can I say? The boy she chose is worse than any sin. You should see how rude he was. He didn’t take long before talking back at me in the most disrespectful possible way. This isn’t the first Pablo. I was just looking out for my daughter but that boy spoke to me as if we were age mates. I don’t even care about his attitude towards me. I’m concerned about my only daughter Pablo. Violence is written all over that boy and he topped it off with rudeness. What if he breaks her heart and even begins to abuse her? She’s still naive and he’s taking advantage of that, of her innocence. I’m scared Pablo, please do something. She has to know everything.”
“The nerve of that boy! I care about our daughter a whole lot and I will take anything just because Mariana likes him but I won’t stand him disrespecting my wife. I hate nonsense and I won’t tolerate it…
I didn’t hear more. I turned around and walked slowly from the door.
The only reason why I kept convincing Novan to come is that I wanted him to meet my parents, talk to them and if possible win their hearts somehow. I wanted them to like him and accept him for who he is.
If I had known that the opposite will happen and Novan’s actions will only intensify their dislike for him, I wouldn’t have made him come or informed him that my dad invited him. He just worsened the issue by coming here.
I don’t know how to feel about this. I don’t like that my mum tell on him to my dad. She should’ve told me and I’d talked to Novan somehow. Telling my dad only made him dislike Novan. I know this is selfishness and it might sound like I don’t care about my mum but I still wish she had not informed my dad. My dad’s perception of Novan has drastically changed and has escalated. It’s going to take a lot to change that.
And Novan, I don’t know what in the world he told my mother that drove her to tears and made her doubt my choice and bringing fear into her. One thing is clear, my parents don’t trust my safety with him. They don’t trust him to care for me and protect me and that is my mother’s utmost worry. I understand her and I’m really sorry for taking part in the tears streaming down her face. My mum has suffered enough. She doesn’t deserve all this.
I spotted Novan standing at the bar holding what seems like alcohol and sipping it gently.
I hope it’s not alcohol.
Edward was with him and by the smug smile on his face, I could tell he’s making a crude comment or mocking Edward.
I walked to them, smiled at Edward then grabbed his wrist, and began to lead him on the stairs hurriedly.
“What is your problem woman.” He slurred.
God. I hope he’s not drunk. I’ve really not seen him taking alcohol before.
“Are you drunk?” I asked when we got back into my room.
“I’m not a fool. What makes you think so? And what was the need to bring me here so promptly.” He smirked and sucked on his bottom lip.
I sighed and looked away. I’m amazed at how that simple act triggered things inside me.
How’s this possible that despite his horrible behavior and ways, am this deep into him. I overlooked everything and loving him with my all and with all his flaws.
I don’t understand.
“I asked you what you said to my mum.”
While I was in the bathroom, I could hear their voices but it was muffled and I couldn’t make out what exactly they were talking about.
“Don’t tell me you brought me here just for that.”
“It’s a simple question.”…
“Yeah. fuck. Fine. She said a lot of things and said I should respect and be humble because you love me and I asked if I should kiss her feet or ass to prove that. She flared, said shit, and then asked what I was doing inside your room with you..”
“What did you say to her.” My heart skipped and my cheeks flamed.
“I told her.” He scoffed.
“What? Why are you being this way?” His hands brushed his locks back.
” Okay. I told her I finger-fucked you and you enjoyed it, happy?”
Oh, God!
I slumped onto the bed and facepalms.
I removed my hands and gaped at him. He doesn’t seem to mind. He’s just okay, nonplussed.
How can he just open his mouth and tell my mum what we did without any shame?
“Who exactly are you? How can you just say anything without even thinking?”
“Listen, I didn’t..well, forget it. You don’t even trust me.”
“What do you mean by I don’t trust you?”
“Nothing. I’m just gonna leave. I don’t wanna be here anymore.” He reached for the door handle.
“Wait Novan.”
He turned slowly to me. He doesn’t look happy.
I got up from the bed and stepped closer to him. I was on heels so he wasn’t towering over me like when I am in sneakers or toms.
” I love you Novan. I really do and with every fiber that made me up. I can’t live without you and the mere thought alone scares me to the core. This is how deep I am into you. I will risk anything to be with you or fight anyone for you and anytime you need me, I will be here for you and always but the right thing must be done.
Let’s get things straight, because I love you, I will tolerate all your flaws and accommodate all your demons, I swear I will calm them but there’s one thing I can’t take and can never tolerate and that is you disrespecting my parents especially my mother. That is too low and unacceptable. I can’t take it. I admit I was harsh and hard on her but that is only because she didn’t want to accept you and was being difficult. She even called you names so I lost it. I shouldn’t have because no matter what, she’s my mum and can never wish bad for me. I defended you in front of her because I didn’t see any reason why she has to be harsh and unfriendly. I don’t know if that was what you saw that made you take her for granted but please, not ever again in your life should you say anything bad or be rude to her. She’s my mum for goodness sake. I can’t see anyone disrespecting her, not even you and you must accept that there are limits to certain things. I understand where you’re coming from and am quite unbothered but keep my mum out of this, please. I know she’s difficult and seems not to like you but you have to know how to talk to her. Just be polite, is that too hard?”
He pursed his lips then rolled his tongue in his mouth for a moment.
“Are you done?” He asked and looked everywhere but me.
Was I too harsh?
Did I say more than I am supposed to?
“Novan I ..”
“It’s okay. I get it. Thanks for the lectures anyway. I will take my leave.” He didn’t wait anymore as he opened the door and stepped out.
I instantly regretted saying all that to him.
I got out but he was already out of sight. I took the stairs down and catch him storming out, practically dragging his poor sister with him.
He shared a look with my mum for a moment when he was about to go out before leaving finally.
I wanted to go after him but stopped. I always see myself running after him. Why?
He can’t talk to my mom anyhow it pleases him and that’s the truth.
I know it’s not his fault because that’s how he has been brought up but then it’s too much. Someone has to stop him.
I wanted to go down and talk to Mike, Betsy or even Edward but I turned around and went back into my room, closing the door behind me, I stripped and got myself to bed after wiping my make-up off my face.
I hope we ain’t fighting again. He’d call me tomorrow right? Or he’s going to ignore me just like always.
Maybe I shouldn’t have spoken to him in that manner. But what other way could I have said it?
I feel really bad hearing my mum cry and knowing that I am a part of the cause made me guilty.
How can Novan say that to her? How can he throw our most intimate moment at her just like that? I mean this is my mum we’re talking about here. How will she feel?
I know what he did isn’t right but I still regret being harsh on him.
I guess I have a lot of major work to do. Novan is so faulty and it seemed he wasn’t taught anything at all.
I don’t want to change anything about him but I’d see to it that he learns to talk in a way that won’t be offensive to others. A little politeness is all that he needs.
I got the teddy he got me and cuddled into it. “Novie please don’t be mad at me. I can’t take it. Please talk to me tomorrow.” I whispered
The next morning when I got out everywhere was cleared and the house looked just as it was before.
I went back inside and called for my breakfast to be brought inside.
After eating I bathed, dressed, and got down to talk to my mum.
“Princess,” Dad called when I was taking the stairs to their room.
“Good morning dad.” I smiled. He was dressed casually and looking hot.
“How was your night? You didn’t come down for breakfast are you okay.”
“I am absolutely fine. Where’s mum?”
“She’s downstairs. Didn’t you see her?”
“No. I didn’t.”
“Alright. We were looking for you anyway. Are you free?”
My heart dropped.
“Yeah. Am free. Hope it’s nothing.”
“Not at all. We just thought of taking you somewhere.”
“Really? When?”
“Well let’s go then.”
An hour LATER…
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“Where are you both taking me?” I asked my parents after we’ve driven for an hour.
“You’d know soon ”
“Are you taking me back to campus?”
“No. Have patience,” Mum said, smiling.
After another hour, dad stopped the car in front of a beautiful penthouse. The exterior was jaw-dropping and there was a white rolls Royce parked in the garage. The place was also close to campus.
“Where are we? Are we gonna live here now?” I asked when we got out.
“Someone is going to live here and it’s you.” Dad put his arms around me.
“Why would I live here and all alone? Are you guys casting me out of the family? Look, mum, am sorry about Novan’s behavior towards you and am also…”
“Come on Honey, this has nothing to do with that. Remember I told you that I’d get you into another house to live in while you study? Well, this is it ”
“You guys got to be kidding me. Oh, my world!” I laughed, covering my mouth with both hands, and jumped up.
“Dad, say something. This isn’t my new house is it?”.
“It is, princess. ” He dangled the keys in front of me. “You can put a passcode on the doors later.”
“No way!” I grabbed the bunch of keys.
“Yes way honey, this is where you’d be living once you resume school and there will be enough servants at your beck and call. You would finally live as the princess you are.”
I looked around the breathtaking penthouse in awe. All these luxuries for me? This is too much. My parents love me so much.
“Mum..” I cried and hugged her.
“And that is your new car.” Dad nailed it.
“Gosh. This is too much. I love you two so much.” I move to hug dad.
“What happens to my previous cars?”
“We can ship them here if you want.”
I prefer to drive this alone. I have five cars back at my apartment but I only drive one of them so only this will do and this car is classy and expensive.
“So who’s idea was this?” I asked even though I knew it will be mum.
“I brought the idea but your dad made the choices. I opted for a mansion like ours but he said a penthouse will do so yeah.” She grinned.
“This is really too much.” I rest my hands on my waist.
“You’re worth it. We’re only making up for all the time we spent apart. This is really nothing princess.” My dad said.
“Thanks for this. You guys left me speechless.”
“Let’s go check it out and if you don’t like it we can get another..”
“No no. I love it already. This house is like the most beautiful thing I ever saw. I mean just look at the exterior.” I said and we took the elevator.
I was taken on a tour around the fully furnished penthouse as I kept whispering ‘wow.’
There was even a swimming pool in my room and a large one outside. All the luxuries I could ask for was packed in this penthouse.
“Was this the reason why you didn’t give me a gift on Christmas? Is this my gift?” I asked when we got out. I stopped at the garage and ran my hands on my new car.
“No. We’re still thinking of what to gift you.”
“Thinking?” I chuckled. My parents were upset yesterday and today they are lavishing me with expensive things.
Does that mean they’ve forgotten about everything and letting bygones be bygones? If that is the case then I am grateful. But mum was saying they have to talk to me. What do they want to talk to me about?
I ended driving back in my new car and the ride was so smooth. I felt special and like a real princess.
After another two hours, we arrived home together. I planned not to try calling Novan first just to see if he will. I just pray not to miss him too much.
My parents left to watch their movie before nightfall and i spent the entire day in bed watching a series.
I kept checking my phone from time to time if my arrogant proud boyfriend will call but he didn’t. He’s that egoistic.
I bet he want me to call first because he thinks i wronged him for scolding and reprimanding him. I think I shouldn’t have spoke to him in that manner but he should be grateful i didn’t tell him to apologise to my mum.
Poor him, i still feel sorry for what he went through. I wish the Lord blessed him with amazing parents like mine. But this is life, sometimes it throws at you what you never asked or wished for but you can take it and make it better to suit you.
Novan’s parent irresponsibility should be a big lesson for him to take and make sure he doesn’t end up like them. No matter how worse the situation is, there is always something good to take home with, i pray he take something as well.
I really don’t blame Novan for the way he is but i pray some day, he’d become a better person than who he is now. And i know one-day my parents will accept him for who he is because they’re good humans with big hearts. Novan just need a little adjustment and he is good to go.
When i woke up the next day, my parents were not in the house and marion has also gone to watch his live race. He asked me to take him but i refused so he went with Grandpa Nicholas and Mike.
Novan has still not phoned and am trying hard not to miss him.
After sitting around the house and with nothing major to do, i got an idea and thought of executing it. It’s silly, risky and and so not me but thrilling at the same time.
My mum will freak out and end up in the hospital if she ever find out.
I got my key and drove out of the house. Betsy has been unusually busy this days so we don’t vibe much.
I got to my destination and breathed in and out before going in. I even did the cross sign. God. This is crazy.
They were right when they said the devil finds job for the idle. This is exactly what is happening to me but I can’t help it.
After several hours, I was done and currently sitting at a random restaurant, sipping a fruit juice.
My heart was beating all through and I was sweating.
I looked up and threw my juice back into the glass. What the fuck?
What is he doing here?
“May I join you, please?” He asked and I stared at him for a moment before nodding.
Why would Mr Anderson want to sit with me? Is it a coincidence that he met me here? I looked back and forced a smile at him. This is my boyfriend’s dad so I have to act nice regardless. I’m not Novan.
“Can I get you something? Maybe a juice?” I offered.
“No thanks. I’m grateful. I just want to have a word with you. I promise I won’t take much of your time.”
“No problem.” I smiled though I was feeling uncomfortable with this man whom I’ve heard to have done horrible things sitting beside me.
I wonder what Mariana is up to.
Any guesses?
And Jude? What do you think he wants to discuss with our Mariana?
Lastly, do you think Mariana did the right thing by putting Novan in his place?

oh God, in my next life I want parents as rich as Pablo and Paula. Who’s with me?
Let’s gather in the comment box….

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Updated: September 3, 2020 — 6:22 am

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Timigold interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

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Doreen AFERI Ewuah
Doreen AFERI Ewuah
21 days ago

Can’t wait guys
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21 days ago

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Doreen AFERI Ewuah
Doreen AFERI Ewuah
16 days ago

Pls I can’t wait ooo
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Kim paloma
10 days ago

One thing is for sure.. Yo talented.I really lyk the plot so much .I catch believe I ditch my series and soaps to read this. Its really good en I wish I can change norvans appearance.. I mean all those damn piercings

Ayishetu Abukari
7 days ago
Reply to  Kim paloma

Yes you are right but I don’t think he will do it for us

Ayishetu Abukari
7 days ago

Please continue from where you stop

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Monicah nduku
6 days ago

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julius danladi
4 days ago

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12 hours ago

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