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The kiss… Episode 96

Timigold Interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

{That changed everything ✓
Novan is broken. If there’s something that he needs then it’s love. He needs to be filled in all the love he’s been deprived of since he was a kid. I didn’t know this was what he went through.
There’s nothing wrong with him actually. He’s just being the way he is because that’s how he has been thought to, that’s what the circumstances have made him.
He’s the way he is because that’s the only way he knows how to and I won’t judge him for that. Now I understand him perfectly and I feel like I know him more.
I understand his insecurities also. Anybody will feel insecure after they go through Novan’s past. The question is if your parents couldn’t be with you, who else will?
He has this fear and he’s trying to protect himself from going through that pain he went through when his parents rejected them.
Novan is so insecure that he’s afraid of things he shouldn’t even let get to him.
I won’t be able to make him forget the past and I won’t even try. I will make him face it and live with it. That’s the only way he can be free from the trauma. It’s gon’ be hard but I am here to help him every step of the way. He needs someone to love him genuinely and support him.. I will be that someone for him..I will be there for him always.
He went back to the window when he got up.
“Don’t pity me okay? It’s all in the past and I don’t think about it anymore. It’s just that, I’ve grown used to their absence and I tried to live with it. Seeing them around just opens up wounds and brings bad memories. I’ve really forgotten about everything, I’ve forgotten that I ever had parents. It’s just me and Nervisa. We don’t have parents and luckily we don’t need them. I’m sorry for boring you with all that but hey, my parents do well to send big monies and I’m good at setting them on fire.” He chuckled and continue.
“They misunderstood me and thought money was the center of everything and failed to see that I didn’t need their money. I just wanted them to be there. Mum manages hotels and restaurants across the country and dad is just a businessman like your dad but he’s more into the automobile. Yeah, he owns a car industry. Mum also got a filthy rich politician husband so yeah, she’s loaded. The checks keep flowing and I kept it burning, when it is dropped in my account, I do well to transfer it back or send it to some orphanage or something. It’s not always about the money. Rich people think it’s everything and often use it to override people who are below them. They look down on people just because they’re fuckin loaded and I hate them. I really hate them so much but I love you. You’re different.”
I got up from the bed and wiped under my eyes. His back was facing me and he had his hands on his waist.
“God. I really shouldn’t have said anything to you. You’re going to feel sorry for me and I don’t like that. One thing you need to know is that I didn’t tell you this to buy your sympathy in order to make you stay. No. That’s too low even for me. I will never do that. What I told you also can not justify my actions. I’m just the way that I am. This is me, I won’t apologize for being me but I apologize for hurting you. You can leave if you want to and you can stay. Whichever you choose is your choice and I’d respect it. Just don’t feel compelled and obligated just because I told you this sad story. You’re gonna hurt me if you should do that.” He turned and was surprised to see me close to him.
I looked up at him but he avoided my eyes. I wrapped my hands on his torso in a hug.
He sighed and wrapped his arms around me as well.
“You should go. Don’t keep your family waiting. They’re gonna get worried.” He pushed me gently by the shoulder from him and stepped back.
“What if I don’t wanna go?” I stared at him.
“You’d have to. Not only here. I don’t think I can give you what you deserve. I’m fucked up and I don’t know anything at all. I’m setting you free okay, you deserve better..”
“What don’t you get Novan?” I walked to him, got on my toes, and held his face in my palm.
“I’m here Novan. I’m not going anywhere. You just have to stay for me. And no. I don’t feel any pity for you. It’s sad yeah and I can feel what you went through. Believe me, I do. ” I said calmly.
“How’d you know my pain? You never went through any of this.”
“I don’t have to go through it. I believe that whatever our souls were made of, yours and mine are the same. Without having to go through it, I can feel your pain because our hearts and souls are one. I love you Novan. Don’t ever forget that.”
“You’re going all literature on me.”
“No.” I smiled.
“You just stole that quote from…I can’t remember the title of the book but I think the author’s name is Emily Bronte.”
I smiled knowing that I’ve been caught. I really like that book because it tells the truth about blind love. To love someone is not really as easy as it seems it takes time and sacrifice above all commitment.
“You’re correct but how did you know? You don’t do literature.”
I’m trying to picture him reading a novel but I can’t see anything.
“Nervisa is. Surprisingly, she’s so enamored with those classic novels and forces me to read it for her. God. They’re so difficult and I don’t understand a thing, I just read.”
“How come you remembered that line?”
“It’s lovely though I think the author is being a little dramatic. I love the quote but I don’t ever want to end up like the characters.”
Fact. I to I don’t want to ever end up like them.
“I’m never leaving you Novan. Please don’t ever think that way. When I decide to date you, it wasn’t a decision to love you for a while. I’m here to stay Novan. It doesn’t matter how many times we argue and fight. I knew those moments will come and am well prepared. I just have to dish whatever you threw at me back and it will even..”
“Really?” He smiled and his hands locked on my waist.
“Yeah.” I got lost in his hazel eyes and his charming smile.
“Do you still love me?” He muttered.
“What kind of question is that? Why would you ask that when I never stopped loving you?”
“It’s just that after hearing and knowing how fucked up my life was, I wasn’t sure if your feelings for me would remain the same.”
“I love you without a cause and nothing will be able to cover that. It’s just as it is. Even if the worst comes, the way I feel about you will never change.”
“What if someone comes and shows you more?”
“No one will come because you’re there for me already.”
“Hmm. You still have to leave anyway.” He stepped back again.
“I still need to deal with that asshole anyway and I know you won’t like it so leave.”
“I’m not leaving.”
“Don’t act stubborn now. I need some space don’t you get it?” He snapped.
He’d never get rid of his anger issues.
“You really want me to go?”
“That’s what I said.” His hands are back in his hair.
“So when will I see you?”
“I don’t know.” He said quickly.
“What? You don’t know? How can you not know?”
“Just go.”
“Are.. you.. breaking up with me?” My eyes swelled with tears. If he doesn’t want me here then who else can be here?
“I don’t know.,” he whispered.
It hurts that he’s rejecting me this way and in a time when I have to be with him.
I can’t believe I completed the first semester and I’m going home to stay with my bitchy mum.
I got inside our house and looked around for her. When I didn’t see her I went to the bedroom to check.
“What are you doing in your bedroom alone? Didn’t you get any clients?” I teased.
“No,” she said.
How funny.
“Don’t you think you should rather worry about how your fees are going to be paid?” She blew air on her freshly painted nails.
“Why should I worry? Are you not dating Nicholas?”
“I don’t want him anymore.”
What a fool.
“Why? He loves you and he’s super-rich. Our lives will change entirely if you marry him.”
“I got someone else.” She clamped her hands together and pursed her lips in a smile.
“And who’s that? Do I know him?”
“Jude. That’s his name.”
“No way! How can you ditch Nicholas for Jude?”
“Why? Is it because you’re not done fucking his son? You better forget about that punk because your mum is dating his dad. We both can’t be taking the same blood.”
“You’re making a mistake here mum. You know how rich and generous Nicholas is. He was the one who got us out of jail and even established a boutique for you. Just think of it, if you marry him then I’d be his daughter, and Mariana’s mum and I will be stepsisters hence making me Mariana’s aunt. We’d be respected and I’d finally get a penthouse for myself. Please don’t be foolish for once .”
“Jude is also rich and I like him so get ready to be Donovan’s step-sister. Remember not to fuck him again and besides, he’s got a girlfriend. We already lost our respect in the Dominguez family, marrying Nicholas won’t change a thing”
” Forget about respect. Why not date both of them mum.”
I sat beside her. ” Listen, Nicholas adore you despite what we did to his family. After you shed those tears to his face confessing that you’ve changed and regret what you did, he forgave you and now he thinks you’ve turned on a new leaf. Play your cards well mum. You could make him get married to you secretly in some court and after a month you divorce him. That will earn you half of his property. You can now come and marry that horrible Jude Anderson and that is if he wants something to do with marriage. I bet he only wants to fuck you. Better still, Dominguez and Anderson’s don’t see eye to eye. There has been this family feud among them for a long time. They practically hate each other. You can connive with Jude and strike them. Mariana already made it easy by tripping head over heels for the enemy’s son. You can work with Jude and bring them down since you already have Nicholas Dante wrapped around your fingers. That dude will practically do anything for you and Jude will gladly help you. He’s that devilish.”
“What have you been eating these days dear daughter? For once you said something sensible and am proud of you. I’ve been thinking of a way to suck both of them dry but see…I got a brilliant daughter after all.”
Fool. I only said that because I want Mariana to leave Novan. I liked that guy the first time I met him in high school and I wanted a relationship with him. He was that bad boy and I like guys like him but unfortunately, I realized his childhood sweetheart is Mariana and he’s been loving her for like forever.
He told me he doesn’t want a relationship but we mess around a lot. I was aware sometimes he uses me to make Mariana jealous but I didn’t give a fuck because it only made me spend more time with him much to my advantage.
He’s always had eyes for Mariana and now that they’re dating, he doesn’t even want me at his side but that’s okay. I already know what to do and I’ve already started. Mum and his foolish lovers will be my pawn.
However, I really want to belong to the Dominguez family. Only if mum will marry Nicholas then I’d be Mariana’s aunt. I can’t wait to see her face.
Novan will only make my life miserable if I should be his stepsister. He’s going to kill me even.
As a loving boyfriend, once I go to him and tell him what my mum is planning towards his girlfriend’s family, he’d do anything to stop it and that’s how I’d capture him. I will be an innocent person and he’d think my mum is evil. We’d come together like a team to help then BAM! he’d be trapped.
Oh, God. I can’t wait for that to happen.
“I’m wise mum but you also have to wise up and stop fucking kids. That’s low.”
“What you saw the last time was a mistake. Stop using it against me all the time and don’t give me lectures”
“You fucked someone my age and that was not the first. You were not like this. I wonder what got into you. Since you said you’ve stop then fine but think of what I told you.”
“I’ve already thought of it.”
“Great. So we have a deal?”
“That’s more like it.”
I got up and went to my room. I’ve always controlled this fucked up mother of mine.
It was too long so I divided it into two.
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Updated: September 3, 2020 — 6:12 am

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Timigold interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

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julius danladi
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