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The kiss… Episode 97

Timigold Interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

{That changed everything ✓
I was relieved when I got home and didn’t see my parents except for my grandparents.
Grandpa Nicholas looked up from his laptop and smiled at me.
“Welcome home Ari.”
I hugged him..” Thanks, Grandpa.”
I greeted them and rushed upstairs with Marion following me.
“So tell me how your love life has been dear sis.”
I looked at him and huffed.
“I couldn’t take the camera off,” I said and got onto my bed. I lay flat on it and closed my eyes.
I wonder what Novan must be doing now. How’s he feeling? Is he beating his dad or crashing things in his room?
I shouldn’t have left him but he said he needed space. I didn’t want to be stubborn and act cling, it will only throw him over the edge.
“That camera has been disabled. Were you not the one?”
“No. Maybe the battery died.”
“I’m not sure. Someone must’ve done it. Maybe your boyfriend.”
I groaned.
“Are you having problems already?” Marion asked and sat beside me.
“No. Why don’t you go get ready? I want us to get some gifts for Christmas.”
“Alright. I missed you anyway. Mum said you two will be going on a vacation to Santorini. That’s far. Dad also said he’d be taking me to Miami. I wanna learn how to surf on the sea.”
I even forgot about my trip with mum. Why don’t we all go to the same place?
” I missed you too Marion but I want to rest now. We’d go shopping once I wake up so get ready. In case you see anyone coming to my room tell them that I’m resting.”
“Okay. I’m just going to continue my game.” He ran out.
I looked around my room and saw my car keys on the dresser including my laptop. I also saw the things I shopped for but never brought it out from my car in front of my wardrobe. Dad was right when he said he packed my things.
I got my shoes off and hugged my pillow to myself. I still haven’t gotten over Novan’s breakdown.
I’m still dealing with the emotional aftermath of Novan breaking down before me. Considering how he is, I never thought that I’d ever witness anything like that from him. I saw a completely broken man and he has been keeping it inside while it’s eating him up. He doesn’t waste time to unleash it on me sometimes when I’m being stubborn and not being understanding.
When he walked out of the stage to take me away with him if I had agreed and I asked him his reasons quietly and not flare he would have gone back to the venue to finish whatever he needed to.
I learned.
I learned not to be quick to judge his actions. I will try to understand him henceforth.
After today, I’ve realized how much effort he’s putting into this relationship, he’s trying not to make his past life reflect. He’s trying not to be mean and I know he really tried seeing how I am with him.
The door burst open and Betsy appeared. Soon after, Marion appeared behind him.
“I told her that you were resting but she wouldn’t return.” He explained.
“It’s okay.” I smiled softly. He nodded and left.
“So now tell me what you’re sulking for? You went to Washington with your boyfriend and I’m sure you visited Beverly hills so why are you looking like a brokenhearted person.” She walked in and jumped on my bed. I inspected her foot to check if I was clean or not.
I saw a stain on the white sheets and glared at her. She knows how particular I am about my bed.
She smiled apologetically.
“Why don’t you tell me about your pending trip to Paris.”
“Morgan’s parents said he’d only leave after Christmas and the poor guy couldn’t do anything because he’s yet to attain eighteen. Pathetic.” She sighed dramatically.
I wonder how Betsy is coping with loving a boy she’s two years older than. I’m not judging her but… it’s somehow. Well, age was never a barrier to love.
“So how have you been?” I haven’t been paying attention to my best friend since I got a boyfriend.
“I’m good. I missed your cookings.”
“Mum said I’m gonna move out next term and we’re gonna get servants. Why not come stay with me this time?”
“Good but Morgan said it first so I am going to live with him.”
I nodded and pursed my lips. Maybe I should also go and leave with Novan.
“So what’s up with you two? You’ve been spending more time with him lately.”
“Nothing much. He’s taking part in a cooking competition.”
“Oh wow. The way he is no one will think he can cook.”
“Yeah.” And now I don’t know if he can get to the nationals. Novan didn’t go back to the venue.
“Do you think Morgan’s parents. I mean Amy and Daniel. Will they accept me for their son?”
“Why are you asking? Did they say something to you?”
“No. Morgan said he wants to introduce me to them officially and I can’t help but be nervous.”
“Why do you think they won’t like you? You’re beautiful and smart.”
“The age difference.”
“Come on, age is just a number. You guys love each other and that’s what matters.”
“Yeah. I hope they’d also think that way. What are your parents saying about Novan?”
I huffed and held my pillow tighter.
Even though dad hasn’t said anything, I don’t like his behavior this morning. He didn’t even smile at my boyfriend. He just nodded. My dad is not like that. I’m sure mum has finally succeeded in turning him against my boyfriend. I swear, without thinking twice am gonna elope if they dare gang up on me to separate me from my love.
“After what I told you about my mum’s indifference towards Novan, she hasn’t said anything to me yet. Maybe she has accepted him wholeheartedly this time.”
“I hope so. My mum said your parents are hosting a family dinner on Christmas so we’d be coming. You should invite Novan and Nervisa.”
“That’s new. I’d think about it.” I looked at my phone to check if Novan called or dropped any messages for me but I didn’t see anything.
I hope he’s not thinking of breaking up with me. I wonder what makes him think that I don’t deserve him. Novan is just it for me. I don’t want anybody else except for him.
As for his parents, I don’t have anything to say. I’m really ashamed of their irresponsible behavior. I’m angry at his mum most.
When my dad and my mum separated, mum didn’t leave me. She was there for me as both a mother and a father so why can’t his mum also do the same? She doesn’t deserve to be a mother and she’s not one either.
I’m not sure Novan will agree to come to my house for dinner but I’d try. I can make use of that opportunity to show him to everyone in my family. I’m sure Florencia will also come.
“I think we should go get some gift for everyone,” I said and got up. My family is large so the earlier I start with shopping the gifts the faster I will be done.
“Yeah. I thought so too.” She said and got up.
I changed and grabbed my keys then my card and got out.
I pray not to see my parents until nightfall.
No one was downstairs when we got down except Marion who jumped up and dropped his gamepad.
“Why don’t you invite your boyfriend and his sister to the upcoming dinner Mariana,” Marion said.
“Why?” I asked and looked at him.
“He’s your boyfriend. It’s a family and friends dinner. He’s now part of our family.” He explained and nervousness was thick in his voice.
“What has my little bro been up to? Why are you so interested in my boyfriend coming here?”
“Nothing. What made you think there’s a reason?”
“Nothing,” I said and gave my key to the driver. Marion took the front seat while Betsy and I took the backseat.
Novan said I should give him space, is it not enough? I miss him already and should I get him a gift? Maybe I should. But what can I give him? I can’t buy him a watch because he probably hated it and that’s why I’ve never seen him wear any.
I smiled when I remembered how frustrated he was when he wore a dress shirt and pants. He’s simple but complicated and twisted in every single way.
The last time he said he was thinking of gifting me something peculiar but he couldn’t think of anything. I wonder why he’d think so. I’d take anything he gives me and cherish it. I hate that I am rich and it looks like I have everything.
I went back to thinking of what to get him. I don’t really know what he likes. God. I may think I know Novan but I don’t at all. I don’t even know his favorite color. Maybe it’s black because that’s what he always wears, mostly.
We got to the mall but it was crowded as fuck.
Who waits until few days to Christmas before going to shop? Me of course.
We’d see how I’d get past this enormous crowd to get something.
By the time we left the mall, it was late and I was starving. I’m just glad I managed to get a gift for everyone. I remembered to get paper wraps and I pleaded with Betsy to stay over so we can wrap them together.
Mum and dad were around when we got back but were both engrossed In their laptops.
“Honey,” Mum called when she saw us climbing the stairs with the servants holding our multiple bags.
“I’m coming mum,” I shouted in response.
“I’m just going to bath and eat.” Marion dismissed himself.
“Hope I still have some clothes in here. I’m so fucking tired.” Betsy groaned exhaustion.
“Of course,” I answered before getting into the bathroom.
Hmm. Novan still hasn’t called. I will call him after taking something.
Betsy also took turns in bathing after I was done and we both went downstairs afterward.
I ate my dinner hastily then went to my parents who were in each other’s arms in the balcony. They love each other so much. I hardly see them fight. This is the kind of relationship I want with Novan but unfortunately, Novan can’t say the same as his parents never showed this type of affection.
“Princess.” He called when he saw me. They were lying on a bed and staring into the sky together. This love.
“You’re cheating.” I frowned playfully. He pushed my mum gently from him and wrapped me in his arms instead.
“Sorry. She seduced me.” He kissed my jaw and I settled into his arms. It’s as if nothing happened this morning.
“Really Pablo?”
“What? I miss my first love so much. Please excuse us.” He told my mum.
“She’s not innocent. She got a boyfriend and didn’t tell you. Whereas, I’ve always been here for you. How can you leave me for her?” Mum snitched playfully, jealousy intact.
“What? You got a boyfriend? Oh no. You cheated on me?” Dad made a dramatic sad face and got up in a sitting position. I missed his warmth.
Cunning parents. They’re only putting on this show because they wanna talk to me about my boyfriend.
“But I love you the most,” I told him. I’d think about who I love most next time. I really love Novan.
“No. This is unacceptable. How can you take a boyfriend? I can leave Paula if you want me to but please do not take a boyfriend..”
“Pablo!” Mum chided.
“Sweetheart.” He smiled at her.
“We can’t be doing this Pab baby. I think we should quit. You just called her sweetheart and I don’t like the way you smiled at her. I can’t take this anymore. It’s over Pab baby.” I played along and bit my lips to stop myself from laughing at the pet name. Seriously? Pab baby?
I looked at their faces and they were also suppressing laughter.
“Thanks for giving up. I don’t want you with him anyway.” Mum said and roped her arms around my dad.
“This is completely unacceptable. You know I can’t leave without either of you. Babe, please do not leave me. I won’t call her sweetheart anymore.” Dad made a sorrowful face.
“You have to choose who you want, Pab baby. Paula or Mariana.”
He looked between us. “I’m sorry. I love you both. I can’t choose.” He said and wrapped his arms around both of us.
I laughed at the silly drama we just pulled and they both joined.
“So why not tell me about my rival,” Dad asked when the laughter died.
“What can I say…” I fiddled with my fingers.
“Everything.” They both were looking at me now.
I got up.
“I love him,” I said simply.
“That’s why you ditched me for him. I really felt bad this morning princess. Walking away from me felt like you were leaving me.” Dad said in a serious sad tone.
“I’m sorry Dad. He needs me.” I whispered.
“Do you know his parents?” Mum asked.
“He’s told me about them and I only saw his dad today. That’s all.”
“You saw his dad? What did he say? Did he say something or do something to you?” Dad shifted uncomfortably on the thick blanket.
Why’s he nervous?
“No. Actually, I didn’t get to talk to him.” I’m not ready to re-narrate what Novan told me to my parents. I can’t do that to him.
They stayed silent. My mum rested his head on my dad’s shoulders.
I imagined Novan and I in that position. I really miss him already. Why is it like this? I’m missing him too much and his thoughts never seem to be leaving my mind. My mind kept drifting back to him all the time. I feel miserable without him. How’s it possible that I can’t even go a day without him? I was mad at him but after hearing him this morning, I hold nothing against him.
“Princess?” Dad called.
I turned to them. Have they been saying something?
“I’d talk to you guys later. Goodnight.” Before they could stop me, I ran away and took the stairs to my room.
Betsy was watching a popular movie I never thought I’d ever watch on my laptop when I got in. I took my phone from the nightstand and dialed Novan’s number. I can’t take it anymore.
I’ve given him enough time already.
It took me everything not to grab my car key and drive to his house when he didn’t pick after dialing his number five times.
Why’s he doing this? I promise I’d never leave him. I won’t do it anytime soon.
I dropped myself on the bed and dig my nails into my scalp.
“What’s the matter, girl? You look like someone who’s sexually frustrated. We can watch porn. It will help you.”
How’d that help?
“I’m not sexually frustrated…and keep your advice for yourself.” I haven’t even watched that sinful videos before. How can I start now?
“I’m watching money heist. Come watch with me.”
“I hate crime movies.”
“This is fun. You’re missing out.”
I ignored her attempt to lure me into watching the movie with her and laid on my comfortable bed and hugged my favorite pillow. I missed my bed.
I woke up the next day to a snoring Betsy beside me. I closed her mouth but it opened again. After several failed attempts to shut her up, I got up and went to the bathroom. I brushed my teeth and changed into a black fitting short dress. I held my hair high then braided the end
I grabbed my phone to check but Novan didn’t call me. It’s 9 am. Tears filled my eyes.
He hates rejection and yet he’s doing it to me.
I called but it went straight to voicemail. Hmm.
I went downstairs and ate breakfast. The entire house was decorated and a huge Christmas tree was placed in the living room. I got the Christmas feel. That feeling you always have when hs Christmas. The decorations did well to awoken it. Marion completed it by singing a Christmas song around.
He came to sit in front of me and watched me eat.
“Are you having a hard time?”
I raised my eyebrows at him. “What do you mean?”
“I don’t know but you don’t look happy. I expected to see you glancing at your phone now and then and giggling probably to a text the bad boy sent. It’s always like that when you’re freshly in love and it’s all Rosy until you start treading on rocks. What happened? Did you fight with the bad boy?” He asked and I shake my head with my mouth wide open.
Marion is just ten. How can he say those things?
” Don’t lie to me. You really don’t look happy for someone who just entered into a relationship. It’s always exciting in the beginning.”
“We’re not fighting. I just miss him.”
“Why not go to him? Mum won’t say anything.”
“He doesn’t wanna see me. He said he needed space. I don’t know when he’s gonna call to see me. I really miss him.” I told him and he gave me a sad face.
“Why does he want space? Is he going through a hard phase or traumatized?”
I laughed gently.
“I’m not going to tell you anything.”
“Why?” He pouted.
“You’re young.”
“Really? Alright. Just tell him to bring his sister along when coming for dinner tomorrow.” He got up and left.
I hope my little brother is not planning to hit on my boyfriend’s sister.
I called one of my favorite servants to come help me wrap the gifts. I forgot that I have to servants to do that if not I wouldn’t have made Betsy stay.
I sat on the couch in my room and watch Sandra wrapped the gifts while I write the names on it while Betsy snored away.
I picked my phone quickly and pressed it to my ears when it rang. I was thinking it was Novan.
“Belle Fleur,” Edward said.
That’s french.
“What’s that?” I chuckled though am disappointed.
“Beautiful flower”
“Is that the meaning?”
“Yeah. Don’t you know? I thought you’re doing french?”
“Yes but.. wait. How did you know I’m doing french?”
“Your mum told me ”
Hmm. That woman. I wonder what else he told Ed about me.
“Okay so tell me something, did Novan come to clear himself and meet his assistant?”
“No, he didn’t.”
I went silent for a moment. It really hurt that Novan is not giving this competition a chance but what can I do? Bad memories are attached to that tournament and he can’t seem to deal with them.
“So someone else has been chosen in place of him?” I asked.
“I guess so. I tried..”
“I know you did. Thanks very much.”
“It’s nothing. I see you care about him a lot. I jealous him.”
I chuckled.
“Seriously. I wish I had approached you the first day I saw you at my family’s ball. I would’ve been the lucky guy. I really like you, Belle.”
Okay. I’m uncomfortable with what he’s saying and I don’t know how to respond to him.
So Novan is right. I hate to admit that to myself. This dick is actually secretly in love with me.
“Thanks, Ed but I love him a lot.”
“Yeah. It’s sad.”
“Mum is calling. I’d talk to you later.” I lied.
“Alright, I will be seeing you tomorrow for the dinner party. Have a nice day.”
I rolled my eyes and dropped the call. Betsy was still snoring like no man’s business. How does Morgan cope? Well, love is tolerable.
I wrote the last name on the wrapped gift and thanked Sarah before he left.
The rest of the day past in a blur and I retired to my room after we all had dinner together. My parents didn’t talk to me about Novan though I know they will soon.
Betsy left after the dinner and after playing a few games with Marion which I lost miserably, I’m back to my room, missing Novan foremost and wishing Betsy was here. I don’t care about her snores anymore.
I still haven’t heard anything from Novan. I don’t know what he’s doing anymore.
I wore my silky thin nightgown and sat on my bed. I stared at the only pic I have of Novan on my phone and a tear dropped from my eyes. This is too much. I stared at the multiple keys on the nightstand then slowly picked it.
My phone began to ring that moment and my heart skipped when I saw who was calling.
I picked it with shaking hands and with a shaking voice I said. “He..hey.”
“Babe, am outside. Can you come? I miss you.” I came alive when I heard his voice and heat rushed through my body.
I nodded over and over again though he wouldn’t see it and ran out of my room.
I rushed down the stairs with my heart beating loudly and I almost fell.
“Careful princess. Where are going at this time and in so much haste?” Dad asked when I finally made it to the last stairs.
“ he’s here.” I couldn’t breathe properly…I was panting.
“Who’s here?”
I pointed to the door.” Outside… Donovan.”
“Your boyfriend?” He asked and I nodded.
“You’re behaving as if he’s woken from death miraculously. You were with him until yesterday so what’s the deal? Anyway, I understand. I’m trying to.”
I nodded. I can now breathe better. Dad is wasting my time by keeping me here.
“Dad.” I looked at the door.
“Why not let him come in? He shouldn’t stay outside and it’s late..”
“Okay.” I head towards the door before he could finish.
“You should invite him over for dinner tomorrow.” He hollered behind me.
Hearing that from him fuelled me and I began to run. Our house is like an estate and it takes a five minutes drive before getting to our door. If Novan is outside then it’s outside the gate. I won’t get to him quickly if I don’t run.
When I eventually made it outside, I saw him leaning on his car with his back to me. He sensed my presence and turned.
I lost my breath just by looking at him. It feels like forever.
God. I’m so deep into him.
We stared at each other for what seems like forever before his eyes raked down my form, making me bare before him.
“Shit! What are you wearing?” He took his bottom lip into his mouth and opened his arms.
“Come here. I missed you so much.”
I ran into his open arms and inhaled his intoxicating sweet scent.
Love like no other.

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Timigold interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

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Doreen AFERI Ewuah
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Please post episode 98

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Wow so sweet

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