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The kiss… Episode 99

Timigold Interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

{That changed everything ✓
NB: It’s not the same as what you read yesterday night. I added more.
After taking the whole time to think about what to wear, I decided on a long-sleeved black body top and a black trouser. I can’t wear anything apart from that, I’ve tried.
I wore my white converse instead of my usual boots.
I wouldn’t be going if I didn’t remember that those pervert idiots will be around my girl and try to talk to her, hold her and smile at her. God. I will break bones for her.
I can’t imagine the number of pretty boys who will be there. Edward inclusive, that Betsy’s brother and even fucking Dylan. They all like my girl. I wonder why they can’t stay off her. I didn’t plan on going to that dinner and especially in her house.
I brushed my hair back and tried to gel it but ended up looking like a clown so I did my usual style.
I couldn’t care less about my appearance, I just want to be there so that no one will try something with her.
“I’m out Sharon,” I said and got out, entered my car, and drove to her mansion.
I sighed when I saw a lot of cars parked in the lot and parked mine.
I hope I am not too late. Fuck me. I’m actually late.
For the first time, I got a little nervous. I stood in the entrance for some minutes and looked down at myself. I wished to go check myself in the mirror for the last time but it was late and that would’ve been too bitchy of me. When did I even start caring about how I look? Until her.
I let out a breath into my palms, rubbed my palms together before walking in with my head held high.
I didn’t bother to look around the room but I know it’s exquisite. These people are filthy rich.
My eyes met the long dining tables creating a rectangular shape in the heart of the room. My eyes searched for just one person. My girl.
Multiple eyes raised and fixed on me all of a sudden and I felt like turning around to leave but she turned and stole my breath away. My heart flutters when she smiled sweetly at me and motioned for me to come closer.
Eyes were still on me and even Mariana’s sassy mum looked at me.
Fuck them. They should be grateful I didn’t come here in pants and sweats. I did a whole effort just to look this way.
I mentally screamed in excitement when the seat beside her was unoccupied.
I didn’t know what to say to everyone when I sat so I just nodded and glared at them to mind their business and focus on their meal. They got the signal and looked down while I caught her dad smirking.
What is his problem? At the airport, he acted snootily and now?
These metals in my face were also a way to scare people away, to block them away and it worked. A lot of people get intimidated just by looking at me and it stops them from trying to make a conversation with me. I like it that way. Now I’d have to be among people just for her. This is suffocating. I would’ve died if it was a suit I wore. Thank God I didn’t make that mistake.
She made it a point to pack my plate with food and I stared at it. God knows I was not here to dine with these people.
One smile from her was all it takes for me to forget about everyone and how uncomfortable I am right now. It was just us beside this table and I couldn’t help but smile back when she urged me to eat.
I rested my elbow on the glass table with my hand supporting my chin, I took a moment and checked her out dreamily. God. She’s beautiful. How did I get this lucky? Such a rich and beautiful girl in love with me just like that. She loved this mess that I am wholeheartedly, she didn’t leave any part behind. Gosh. I feel like tearing up.
I watched her beautiful fingers curl around the knife and I wished they curled on my cock instead. God, stop it, Donovan.
I feel hot all of a sudden and uncomfortable down there.
She raised the fork to her lips and they wrapped around the fork for a moment before she pulled it out and chewed on it gently. She could have me in like that. Fuck.
I’m losing it. I need fresh air.
I felt a kick beneath the table, breaking the spell her beauty has hopelessly cast on me.
“Stop staring at me.” She whispered.
Who should I look at if not her?
I placed my free hand on her lap and she glared playfully at me.
I winked and she chuckled and quickly covered her lips. The gossips turned in our direction and I picked my fork with less interest in the delicious food. I want her. Now. Not some food?
My hand drew slow circles on her thigh then slipped under her dress. She gasped and pressed her legs tight, trapping my hand between her thighs.
She looked at me with a gasp and shook her head for me to stop. I could see how her breathing changed and she was suddenly sweating. She sucked her teeth into her lips and tapped her fingers on the table.
I like to see her this way. To see the effect I have on her.
My forefinger went deeper and met her soaked lacy panty then brushed it carefully.
She jolted and released a breath.
“Honey, you’re sweating. Are you okay?” Her mum looked at her then at me. I focused on the food I wasn’t eating and slowly retrieved my hand.
She sighed.
“I’m fine mum.” She drank some water and forced a smile.
I feel Ed’s eyes on us and a childish idea popped in my mind. I leaned into her and whispered nothing at all into her ears and placed my hand on hers. When I leaned back, I made it a point to put my arms around her chair. The poor man sadly tore his eyes from us. Fuck him.
After so long eating was over and I didn’t even take anything. Everyone was taking dessert and her dad was saying something but my mind was too occupied with the sexy piece she was wearing as a dress to grasp anything.
She got up and tugged at my top.
“Who’s the young man Ari. Why not introduce him to us?” An elderly man stopped her as she was about to leave.
She looked at me for permission and I nodded.
“Everyone meets boyfriend.” She smiled awkwardly yet proudly at me.
I guess this is official now. All her close relatives are aware of us. One strand of her hair should fall out and battalions will line up in my house to arrest me.
“Novan, meet my family and friends.”
I nodded and contemplated if I should say something or not. I don’t wanna make a fool outta myself.
“Nice meeting you all. It’s my pleasure.” I said finally and tried to smile.
Amy Rockxon and her husband smiled genuinely at me and many others present except for her mum and secret admirers who looked displeased and couldn’t help but to throw daggers at me.
I spot my sister smiling at Mariana’s brother and they seem to be in their own world as well. I will kill that boy if he dares…
Whoa, Novan! Way to go. Their just kids for fuck sake.
Betsy was busy wiping her celebrity boyfriend’s lips and smiling. Good for them.
Everyone went back to chatting after that and I used that opportunity to sneak out and followed Mariana as we took the stairs.
Soon after she got into her room I got in. She closed the door then,pulling me by my collar, she crushed her lips on mine.
I pinned her against the door and devoured her lips.
“How dare you do that to me Novan.” She breathed on my lips and her hands went under my shirt then began to work on my zipper.
“Can we do it now? Please?”
“Don’t say no. I’m sure.”
“What are you saying? A whole nation is downstairs and I don’t even have a condom.”
“Forget about those people.”
“Alright.” I raised her dress up. Even I want to fuck her.
“But what about condoms? Where will we get it?” I asked.
She thought for a moment and blushed.
“I will get some in my father’s room. I am sure.”
I stepped back and threw my head back in laughter.
She didn’t just suggest that.
“Stop laughing,Novan. You caused this.” She moved from the door and raised the dress above her head, leaving her in only her pants and bra.
Fuck. My eyes roamed on her. I can’t take this. Not anymore. I tried.
She can’t just seduce me and expect me to do nothing.
“What did I do?” I asked and walked closer to her.
“You were touching me and you look so enticing in this shirt. It’s so tight on you.” She bit her lips.
“You wanted me to come.”
“Yeah and I’m glad you did okay? Can we stop this conversation now and start doing something?”
She keeps tempting me. Leaving me with no choice.
I swallowed and unclasped her bra when I got to her. Her soft hands moved on my torso as she looked up at me lustfully.
She’s not thinking straight. She’s probably drunk or something.
I can’t have her here.
I kissed her delicate lips slowly and passionately.
I sat on her bed and pulled her onto my lap so that she was straddling me as I kissed every part of her upper body.
She moaned and began to rock on me back and forth, up and down, round and round.
I swallowed her moans when my lips returned back on her.
As she was trying to get my shirt off, I stopped. Someone needs to stop this.
“Don’t you think we should keep the Christmas holy?”
She stared at me and bat her long lashes. “Since when did you start caring about holiness?”
She got up and am afraid I angered her.
She picked her bra back then put it on then walked to her drawer and opened it.
She came back with a box and sat back on me. I thought she was angry.
“I got this for you.” She said and gave me the box.
I took it and stared at her as I unwrapped it. I hope it’s not some fucking chain.
I moved my eyes to the box after opening it.
A lip and tongue ring stared back at me. It had my initials on each and it looked like a precious stone worth more than mine was used. I’m not really engrossed in golds and diamonds so I can’t tell.
“You got me this? Why?” I looked up at her.
“I love your tongue and lip ring so I thought of getting you one. Is that a problem?”
“No. Not at all but it’s personalized. Why would you go through that?”
“Nothing. I got you something else.” She said and brought her hand from behind then raised a beautiful neck chain. It dangled before me and I just gawked.
“Wow,” I muttered and traced my finger on my name which has been designed on it. When did she get it done? And this looks like a diamond. It’s gonna cost a lot but who am I kidding, her mum deals in it.
“You like it?” She beamed.
“Yeah but I can’t wear it, you know I don’t wear these things,” I said and her face dropped.
“But I’d keep it.” I took it from her, about to put it away in my wallet when she stopped me.
“Can I wear it for you? You can take it out afterward. Just wanna see how it would look.”
“Okay.” Seriously this is too much. I only like them because it’s from her.
She took it and locked it around my neck.
She stared at my neck and bit her lips. She gulped, leaned into me, and gave me a lingering wet kiss on my neck.
God. I closed my eyes and traced my hand on her spine.
She pulled back and looked at me seductively. Her fingers traced on my lip.
“Can you take this out and fix the new one?”
I nodded and plugged them out. She gave me the lip ring and I fixed it then the tongue. I put the older ones into my pocket.
“Can I see it?” She asked and I opened my mouth slightly and pushed the new tongue ring into view. She smiled and lowered her lips on mine.
My hands roamed on her then she arched her back for me to take the bra off. I did and her breast came free. I cupped them and fondle it. She tugged on my hair, bit my lips gently then released and suck on it. She’s doing so good at this.
My hands traveled under her and met her pant. I brushed it aside and rubbed her entrance slowly. She stopped kissing me and moaned. She likes it when I kiss her neck, breastbone, and collarbone so I began to do just that. Her moans get louder as I moved in slowly into her and began to pump into her slowly then faster. Her fingers dig into my shoulders as my fingers pleasured her, driving her to the edge. I kept nibbling, sucking and biting her neck softly then I took her nipples into my mouth and increased my pace then doubled my finger. That will hurt her.
“Novan..” she whimpered and squirmed.
I stopped going inside her for a moment before getting back to doing it. She moaned, got my head up, and kissed me roughly. She tightened around me and I moved faster. Her body shook slightly then she poured on my fingers.
Exhausted, she rested her head on my shoulder and tried to catch her breath.
I fall back on the bed, she came on me then I flipped her so I was on top, about to take this to another level when a knock sounded on the door.
Her pretty eyes opened and stared at me.
“There’s a knock,” I muttered.
“So? Let them knock.” She mumbled and wrapped her arms on my neck, pulling me down on her.
The knock came again, this time louder and she groaned.
She kissed me for a moment and pulled back.
“Don’t go anywhere. I will go into the bathroom then you can open the door and check who it is.”
I nodded and got off her. She picked her dress from the floor and disappeared into the bathroom.
I opened the door and her mum pushed me aside and entered.
“What are you doing in my daughter’s room?” She asked in a sharp tone.
“I’m in my girlfriend’s room,” I stated.
“Girlfriend.” She snorted.
“What is your problem?” I asked and sat down. She eyed me and the bed for some time.
“You’re the problem. Now get out!”
“You didn’t say that.” I chuckled.
“I did. Now out of her room! How can you sneak in with her when there’s a function going on?”
“I’m not moving an inch. I’m your daughter’s boyfriend. Remember that anytime you feel the need to act bitchy to me.”
“Did you call me a bitch?” She turned to me angrily, eyes blazing in fury.
“No. Why would I? You’re just acting as such. I don’t know why you don’t wanna accept the fact that your daughter loves me and let us be.”
“Look who’s talking. You don’t even respect and I wish my daughter never met you.”
“Well, she did. Suck it up.” I grinned and she fumed.
“Get out of here and my house now! I was thinking I could like you since my daughter is into you but I can’t and I won’t force it either. Now out!”
“I already told you. I’m not moving an inch and must I remind you that I don’t care if you or any of your family members like me or not? I just care about her love for me. All of you are non-existent.”
“I wonder what she saw on someone like you. Are you not ashamed of yourself? Look at you!” She pointed her fingers at me in contempt and disgust.
“You’re lucky to have someone like her look at you or even smile at you and that should humble you but no…”
“Listen.” I cut her off harshly. She’s getting on my nerves and I won’t have it.
” Tell me what exactly I should be ashamed of or how exactly I should humble myself. Do you want me to come kiss your feet or ass? Tell me, her Excellency Anna Paula.” I bowed dramatically even in my pissed state.
“I just want you out of here. Go before I call the guards on you. What were you even doing in here with her?”
“You don’t wanna know,” I smirked and her eyes widened. I bit my lips to stop myself from bursting into laughter.
You should see her face.
“What is going on here?” Mariana came out, dressed up.
“Why do you want my boyfriend out mum? Why?” She asked.
“Honey, he needs to go.”
“Give me a reason, mum. How can you tell my boyfriend to leave? I don’t get it.”
“Why don’t you ask him how disrespectful he has been to me ”
She looked at me and whined. “Novan.” She stressed my name.
God. Did she believe her mum?
“I’m sorry about that mum but he’s going nowhere. At least not now.”
“Whatever you say but you should come down and stop staying behind closed doors with him. It’s dangerous.” She muttered and got out.
“Don’t tell me you believed what your mum said.”
“If I had not then she’d be here and we would have still been dragging the same issue. ”
“So you know I didn’t disrespect her right?”
“Yeah even though I know how rude you are.” She smiled and bit her lips.
“Really?” I pulled her by the waist and made her stand between my patted legs.
“We need to go downstairs.” She prompted.
I frowned. “Can’t we stay in for a while?
“No. Our absence has already been noticed that why mum came. We need to get going.” She brushed my hair back from my face.
“If you say so,” I said and hugged her legs, my head on her lower belly.
“Mmm.” I murmured. I don’t wanna go out there.
“What changed your mind? You didn’t want to come.”
“I have to. ”
“Is it because Edward is here?”
“No. It’s because there are a lot of them here.”
“I see. Thanks for coming anyway. It meant a lot to me.”
“Yeah, I know.” I licked my lips, dragged my eyes on her, and smirked.
She got what I meant and blushed then stepped away.
I got up and followed her out.
I posted half of this yesternight but later deleted the and added more content to make it whole. So here it is.
Thank you all for the care you showed me and the lovely messages. It went a long way.

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Timigold interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

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