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The Blue Sea… Episode 23

Timigold Interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

💙The Blue Sea

Episode 23😋
General pov
“You would have to marry her.. If you like it or not Ken” Granny said

“It is not up to a year Belinda left and you want me to get Married to Debby” Ken replied

“It is my decision and it is final” Grandma said sternly

“When I come up with the date of the Union.. I will let you all know”..

Granny walked upstairs
The Next Morning
The Chief Guard walked into my room with 2 pen and a laptop
“Here are the Cameras you requested for and it is connected to this Laptop..
You just need to activate them” He said and I smiled

“You can now leave dear”..

“Okay Granny”..
I walked to Sarah room..
“Good morning Granny…. Is there any problem??” She asked

“Not at all dear.. I came to check up on you” I replied

I walked round the room looking for the best place to drop the pen like Camera

“The flowers are so beautiful” I said touching the flower vase.. I stuck the pen between the flowers..

“Ken got it for me during our Highschool days” She replied

“Do have a nice day dear” I said with a smile leaving her room
I walked to Debby room.. I met her getting ready

“Are you going over to the company today??”..

“Yes Granny. Is there any problem?”..

“Oh no dear.. You are my future daughter in law, It is my duty to always check on you”..
I walked to her dressing mirror and stylishly dropped the Pen like Camera

“Do have a nice day dear” I walked out of her room
I switched on the laptop and could see everything going on in both rooms
Mission Accomplished..

I cant loose, Never in this Game or maybe I am too slow
Granny came here this morning and it was so unusual.. Hope she is not up to something??
Granny case is by the way, Let me focus on getting Debby out of the play
I made up my mind to kill Debby after Belinda left.. O should have done that so fast

Belinda is out of the scene.. I should kill Debby now
I placed a call over
📞Hello Debby.. Please come over, I need your help

📞I am on my way out.. You know I am following Ken to the office

📞Please this is important.. You can join Ken at the office later
Do this for me Debby.. Please

📞Okay Sarah.. I will be in your room shortly

📞Thanks a lot Debby… I really appreciate

I brought out a sharp knife.

“You are not coming to meet me Debby.. You are coming to meet your death” I said to myself
The door creaked open and Debby walked in
I rushed to her and stab her chest

“Arrh” She said slowly
Blood flowed out to my delight
I pulled out the knife and stab her tommy
She went down to the floor giving death and Blood flowed

“I used you Debby
I am the one who separated you and Ken the first time…✌✌
You are a fool Debby.. I fooled you and brought you to separate Ken and Belinda✌✌
I am the one who destroyed 2 engagement parties✌
I am the one who took Belinda nudes and spread it all over✌
I am Sarah Thettford.. The only lady meant for Kenneth Hewetts” I said watching her taking her last breath

Since everyone trusts me, I will just tell them that someone jumped in through the window

“Granny.. Ken”I called out looking so frightened
Granny opened the door with Ken by her side
They looked like they have been standing there for a long time and heard and see everything
I was so surprised when I saw the cops beside them

“You should have told me you love me Sarah.. I would have married you ever since😣..
Why did you have to kill her??” Ken said in tears and rushed towards Debby
General pov
“I didnt kill her.. Someone flew through the window” Sarah said

“Shut up you Liar.. There was a Camera recording everything”..

Sarah started stammering
The police bundled Sarah away

“Grandma I can explain… Have faith in me… I can’t do anything wrong” Sarah kept shouting..

Ken faced Granny in tears

“I am finished.
Belinda is gone, Debby is dead and Sarah whom I trusted the most is the one in charge of my misfortune😣
I am finished Granny.. All left for me is to die”..

Ken picked up the knife soaked in blood…


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Updated: October 17, 2020 — 5:18 am

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Timigold interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

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