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The Kiss… Episode 156

Timigold Interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

{Loving him with all his flaws.}
I got married?
I’m married?
To Mariana?
Holy fuck!
So I’m no longer a bachelor?
Should I hold this marriage dear and respect it?
Mariana said she doesn’t want me anymore and I know this stupid marriage won’t change shit.
My phone rang and I picked it up then tapped on the speaker.
My eyes rolled at the annoying sing-song voice of Aria. Why would she call me today of all days? It’s late. I got married.
“Hi, sexy.”
“Did you just call me that?”
I can imagine her smiling and twirling her hair between her fingers. Stupid ass bitch.
“Is that you Aria? I’m sorry, my wife was here.”
She’s going to freak.
“Wife?!” She screeched. “You got married? When? Did time stop for me?”
“I got married and now have two kids, Aria.”
“Now I’m sure time stopped for me alone if you’re not just pulling my legs. When did you even start dating that you’d get married with kids already?”
“Answer that yourself but the truth of the matter is that I’m married. So now tell me why you chose to call a married man like me? We don’t do shit anymore.”
“I missed you.”
I rolled my eyes again. “Did all your fuck mates abandoned you?”
“You never fucked me yet you left me for that plain girl. We were supposed to do it, Donovan. Why did you even have to get a girl? And the fuck must you be faithful?”
“I never fucked you but I fucked others. Don’t you understand, I didn’t have the interest.”
“If you didn’t have interest we wouldn’t have done all that we did.” She calls me out on my lie.
Yeah, Aria is pretty and all. I would’ve fucked her other than playing around but she hated the love of my life. I can’t fuck Mariana’s enemy no matter what the case is.
“Fine. I wouldn’t fuck someone who was once Mariana’s friend. It’s like fucking two friends and I’m not that fucked up.”
“We’re no longer friends. You know I like you a lot Novan.”
“That’s why you told her all the shits you heard from my sleep to turn her against me?”
“I didn’t have a choice.”
I sleep talk sometimes. I fear Mariana is going to know that I’m not dating anyone and how much I still love her and want to fuck her if we start sleeping in the same bed every day.
That is how Aria got to know some things about me. Mostly, I talk about Mariana and how I don’t want her to ever leave me.
“You’re not married are you?,” She asked.
“I am, Aria. A little advice for you. Don’t waste your life away. Get yourself useful and a good boy who will love you and don’t call me again.”
“I changed. I swear I don’t have Mariana’s time anymore and I want to focus on my life. I just miss you. Can we meet? I won’t bite and I won’t overstep.”
“No, we can’t meet.” My girlfriend.. uhm..wife is crazy. If she should see me now with Aria, I bet she’s going to meet up with Ed as well or worse, bring him to my home just to spite me even though we’re not together. I trust that girl to irritate the hell out of me. Just because I met Aria, she will by all means use it as a benchmark and careoff to meet Ed. What she’d say when I get mad is ‘ so you can see Aria and I can’t?’ fuck her. She can act like a spoilt brat sometimes.
“Don’t do this Donovan…”
“I’m a little glad you changed especially and that you won’t cause problems for Mariana anymore but I really don’t want to have anything to do with you. Not again. I can’t see you and if you want to see me at all costs, then it will be with the guys. As I said, I got married. Don’t call me again. Bye.”
As if Paula madam was waiting for me to hang up, her call came the moment I got Aria off the line.
“Hey, Paula madam.”
“You sound a bit cheerful. What’s the news?”
“I got married and guess who?”
She went silent for a minute. Did she faint?
“No.. you two didn’t do this to me. You got married to my daughter?”
“Yes” I prepared myself to hear her scream.
“Why did you not tell me? How could you?!”
“It was just a stupid ass shit, not proper marriage. Say some boring-ass lines and sign that’s all. You didn’t miss anything.”
“Still. It’s not fair. I was supposed to be present. Where’s Mariana?”
“I don’t know. I left after the signings.”
“You don’t know? You two just got married.”
“She will find her way. We broke up, remember?”
“But she’s your wife now by law. Unbelievable!”
“I hope you haven’t sent thugs to cross me on my way back. I still don’t trust you and I don’t wanna believe that you’re cool with this new alliance.”
“It’s okay to have doubts because it’s mutual. You might be innocent of what happened but I don’t trust you too and yes, if I had my way, I will get another guy for her.”
“I know I’m not good for her and that is why it happened and happening. Don’t remind me of how worthless I am of her. I’m gonna hang up and don’t call me again. Thanks for believing that I’m innocent.” I pressed on the red button.
It’s still the same. Nothing changed.
She begins to call again. I picked it and didn’t say anything.
“Are you mad at me?” She asked.
“I wouldn’t have picked if I were.”
“Okay, so I will keep calling you if you like it or not. My daughter is married to you don’t forget that even if that marriage holds nothing.”
“Okay.” I’m bored. I wish I could get just a stick or sniff.. anything. I miss Mariana too and all I can imagine is her body beneath, taking me all in. The feel of her around me and her kisses. Oh, those soft lips. I want to hold and touch her. I want to do all the things but I will be content with just a hug from her and assurance that she’s always for me and never leaving.
“Is she going to live with you?”
“I guess.”
“Why not come live with us with your sister?”
“The fuck! No! Never!”
“Just saying. I know you won’t.” She laughed.
“Good you know. Now should I cut the call or you will?”
“Patience. It’s not like I got nothing doing with my time. Now tell me, do I have to congratulate you?”
“Don’t. Save it.”
“Till when?”
“When I get a proper marriage or anything worth it,” I said to her.
“Alright. It’s Savingggg…and done. Bye.”
I chuckled. She’s being playful. Not bad.
My mind goes back to thinking about my marriage when I got to my junction. I can’t deny how the thought of having Mariana in my house and by my side every night of the 365 days make me feel oddly at peace, kinda happy, and warm within.
Is she gonna behave like how wives do? She’s gonna stay up all day because I was late to come home? Is she gonna cook for me and pack my room always? What will she do?
And me?
What am I supposed to do? Do married men have a specific way of behaving? What do I have to do? God, I have no idea and yet we’re married. Maybe things are actually in my favor but just happening the wrong way. I actually wanted her with me. Not for a definite time but a lifetime. I want her to be my forevermore.
And what happens after marriage? Uhm.. consummation. Is it going to happen?
Hell no! We broke up and now I can’t even kiss her.
I turned around and drove to the only place I could think of. It’s better than being stuck with Mariana in awkward silence in my room.
My heart breaks as I watch Novan leave the courthouse.
Maybe because this isn’t a proper marriage that’s why he left this way without looking back at me. Where’s he even going?
“Why did he leave like that? Are you two fighting? He didn’t even come to greet me. Is he always like this.. unmannered?” Nicholas asked.
“I’m sorry grandpa. He’s just unhappy.”
“Yeah, he didn’t want our marriage like this. He’s mad at his dad.”
“Okay but I’ve heard of his lack of manners and rudeness though I’m yet to see one. If this is it, then he’s just as the rumors say….”
“It’s okay. I won’t say anything but be careful. We love you.” He kissed me on the cheek. “I gotta go.”
“Hey, big man.” He fist bumps with Marion. “See you guys around.”
“Yes but meet Tricia before you go.” I motioned for her to get closer.
“Who’s Tricia?” Nicholas looks around.
“Here she is. Donovan’s mum.”
“Oh hi, you must be Vlad Salvatore’s wife right?”
Oh. Grandpa knows her already?
“Yes, nice meeting you.”
“My pleasure. I’m running late if not I would’ve had dinner with you but I believe there’s some other time.”
“Sure, I will look forward to it.”
Grandpa hugged me and with a ruffle of Marion’s hair he left, leaving Marion pouting angrily as he arranged his hair back.
Tricia held my hand and we walked out.
“Get inside the car Marion. I will join you soon.” I said as I walked Tricia to her rented car.
“I’m sorry for his behavior.”
“Who? Novan?” I chuckled quietly.
“Yes, is he always like that?”
“Like what? I don’t see anything but his love for me and mine for him.. it covers everything even in times like this that we ain’t together.”
“You haven’t seen anything though.” I laughed. Novan has more shades than anyone can imagine including his mom whom I believe knows nothing about her son at all.
” Yeah yeah…I can only imagine.” She laughed along with me and it was so nice.
“So when are you leaving?” I asked and she stopped laughing.
“Oops. So soon?”
“I will be coming more often and I will keep in touch.”
“Okay, we still have tomorrow. I will see you after work and I’m gonna see you off at the airport also.”
“Yeah.” She embraces me warmly. She got into her car and I got in with Marion.
“I can’t believe you’re married, sis.”
“Please don’t go telling anyone at home.”
“I’m not like you.”
“You told mum what I told you even after I cautioned you.”
“Yes but I’m not a gossip. Please do not tag me as one Marion.”
“Okay, Mrs. Anderson.” His face breaks into a wide grin.
“Wait..” my stomach fluttered just hearing him call me that. “Don’t call me that.” I looked away as I felt my cheeks heat up. I just got Novan’s name to mine legally. Wow. I still can’t believe this.
“So tell me what the feeling is like getting married at your age?”
“Don’t get things mixed up Marion. None of us decided to get married on our will. This is just a solution. The solution to getting everything I lost back.”
“It wasn’t necessary. You could’ve just let it be. Dad still has his shares intact and there were other properties he didn’t pass under your name. There is no way we could go hungry. Dad and mum got us covered.”
“I don’t want to live with the guilt Marion. I caused this so I have to rectify it. I can’t just sit and do nothing about it?”
“Okay? Why didn’t your husband bring his sister?”
My heart skipped a beat.
“Marion please will you stop it? You can call his name.” I groaned. This marriage is nothing but why is he having so much effect on me? I feel like it’s a real wedding even without rings.
“That’s the reality! You’re married, Mariana. Congratulations!”
I looked at him and slowly shook my head.
“You’ll go on. I will alight at..”
“Your husband’s house?”
I buried my face in my palm. “I told you to quit this Marion.”
“It’s okay. When a girl marries, she moves to live with her husband and they stay forever. So tell me, you wanna drop off at your husband’s..”
He laughed and threw his head on me. “Sorry. I will miss you. Please come visit us every day but you can spend your nights with him..just come every day.”
“I will and please don’t tell anyone about this okay?”
“Your secret is safe.”
“I love you, sis. Please don’t forget me.”
“I won’t. I love you too a lot dear brother.” I kissed his forehead and his head remained on me till I got to Novan’s house.
I got to the house I will be living in for a year as a married woman and the door was locked from the outside. It means there’s nobody at home. Where did they go?
I got the keys from the vase at the doorpost, opened it, and got in.
I walked to Novan’s room and took my clothes out. I folded it neatly and stepped into the bathroom.
I’m tempted to wear his shirt after I’ve taken my bath. I missed wearing them and having his scent around me. Can I still wear them? Do I have the right to them?
He said he got a girlfriend and it hurts. I can never bear to see him with someone else. I can’t take it. I rather die. I pray he never goes for anybody else even if we’re not together. That’s selfish but I rather prefer him to live loving me only. I don’t want anyone to take my place. Nobody.
I decided on his white shirt and selected cotton pants. I got down and looked around the kitchen for something to eat. I’m hungry and it’s almost six. I prepared instant noodles and fried chicken. Just like I always do, I jumped on the island and began to eat. It’s so lonely here.
After eating, I picked my phone to call Nervisa when the door opened and she came in with Sharon.
“Was just about to call you.” I walked to meet them.
“Really? I’m surprised to see you here. Where’s Tricia?”
“Have you been here for long?” Sharon also asked.
I decided to ignore Nervisa’s question for the meantime.
“An hour ago. Where did you go?” I answered Sharon.
“We went to watch a movie at the cinema after I came back from my mother’s place,” Sharon said.
“Oh okay.”
“Come with me doll face.” Nervisa took my hand and we walked to her room.
“I’ve been seeing you here but my brother is always sad. He used to be happy but happier when you’re here. What changed? Did you two have a fight? Tell me what’s going on doll face.”
“Nothing is going on Nervisa.”
“I’m not a child you can tell me everything. Please don’t lie to me. I saw the condition my brother was in a few days back and I haven’t seen him so broken and sad as that before. He wouldn’t sleep or eat for days and he doesn’t smile anymore. He got sick and fell to the floor. He blacked out for some minutes before coming back. He told me he’s fine but I know deep down he’s lying. He’s all I have Mariana. Please tell me what happened or what he did and I will apologize on his behalf. I know he’s not an all too nice person and you’ve been generous enough. I don’t know what happened but my brother is not who he was. Our parents have already done enough damage to him. Please tell me what happened.” She begins to cry.
I got closer and hugged her. What am I supposed to tell her?
“It’s nothing Nervisa. Your brother will be fine.”
“I don’t think so. He’s been crying too. I always catch him doing that when he’s alone. My brother doesn’t cry, Mariana. Please make him happy.”
“I’m here,” I whispered.
This is going to be hard. What do I tell his sister?
“Please promise me you’re gonna make him happy for me Mariana.” Her teary eyes looked up at me.
I’m sorry Nervy.
“Your brother will be fine. I promise.” I wiped her tears.
“I’m gonna trust you on this.” She smiled through her tears.
I left her room for Novan’s and got my phone out. I called Betsy and we talked for over an hour then I called Dylan and Lenna on video. Seeing them brought tears to my eyes. I miss them a lot and miss school. Edward and I talked shortly before I called Marion.
It was nine to ten when I was done having my calls and Novan hasn’t come back yet.
I moved about till it was 12 midnight before sleeping. Only one question was in my mind.
Where did he go?
He left me behind and didn’t come home as well. How can he spend our first night as married couples outside? I know this isn’t a real marriage but it must be respected.
I woke up late the next day at 8 but Novan still didn’t come back from wherever he went and I began to worry.
Nervisa already left for school so after I’ve taken a bath and got dressed, I said my goodbye to Sharon and left for home.
“Look who’s here.” Mum met me at the door. She’s already dressed for work.
“Mum,” I called and hugged her.
“So Mrs. Anderson, did you consummate your marriage yesterday? Is that why you didn’t come home?”
I flushed. What is she saying and so easily?
“How did you know?” I asked slowly, still surprise, embarrassed and in utter shock.
“I have my ways. So tell me about your marriage.”
“MARRIAGE?!” My dad’s voice boomed from behind me and I jumped up in fright.
Here comes another trouble for me. This mother of mine will only be the death of me!
Guys, I can finally see the end…I still can’t wait.
Lemme share this with you.
So, I was going through my DStv channels when i decided to stop at Zee world.( I’m not a fan) I got captured by a program. (Dance India dance) I fell instantly in love and now I make sure I watch every weekend and even the repeat. Who else can relate?
I also got a crush.. LoL . Bosco is good but Raftaar got my heart and Kareena is a darling.
I’m really in love with the program and seeing Raftaar always make my day. Lol.
Who can relate?

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Timigold interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

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