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The Kiss… Episode 157

Timigold Interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

{Loving him with all his flaws.}
“Who got married?” My dad asked again, looking between mum and me.”
“You’re welcome, Pablo. You didn’t tell me you’ll be coming today.”
“I have some work to take care of so I have to come earlier than planned.”
“Alright… I’m off to work.”
What is mum trying to do? Swerve dad’s question? Is not going to be possible with how dad was still looking at us, especially me.
“Mariana, you gave your position out so hope you know you’re no longer working for me?”
“Yes, I’m going with mum.” I looked down at my shoe in shame.
“Paula please tell me who got married. Don’t think I forgot.”
“We will talk about it when I get back, I promise.”
“You won’t lose a penny if you don’t go to work today Paula. I just came and I miss you and today is..”
“I know but it’s important for me to be there today if not I would’ve stayed behind. I missed you too. I will be back early.”
“Alright.” They hugged and I heard kiss sounds.
I turned and walked to the car where I sat inside. I could have Novan kiss me the best of the day before I leave for work if things were okay. My parents are so in love even after so long. I just wish.
I swiped my phone screen and my eyes caught a notification. “Happy Valentine’s day Mariana.”
Valentine? I checked my date and it was 14/02.
I didn’t realize.
Is that why my parents are getting so romantic? Maybe that’s why dad came early from his trip.
Mum came finally and sat beside me at the back. The car took off and mum won’t stop stealing glances at me.
I ignored her and looked out of the window.
“I saved your ass, don’t you think you should be thanking me?”
My gaze swept on her in shock. I don’t care about the question but her words. She hated Novan also because of his language.
” I didn’t know you got a new vocabulary.”
She just smiled and pulled her laptop on her lap. “Answer me.”
“You created a mess, it’s not bad if you cleared it yourself.” I didn’t tell her to
blurt such a sensitive topic out. Because of her, dad is going to find out and yell at me.
“You didn’t tell me you finally decided to marry him.”
“I’m sorry, I wanted to keep it a secret since it will be over in just a year. There was no point in telling you or anyone.”
“Who was your witness?” Mum asked.
“Your father.”
“I see, I didn’t know dad has been supporting you secretly.”
“He does always and you know it.”
“I didn’t expect this reaction from you. I married him, mum.”
“What do you want me to do? I can do nothing.”
“You changed.. seriously. You’re so cool and trying to be understanding these past few days and I’m glad.”
“I just wanted the best for you but I don’t know if he is the best but I would like to think he is.”
“Thanks.” I smiled. I just wanted her to see the good in that beautifully flawed man whom I’m helplessly failing.
Mum focused on her laptop until we got to work and went on our separate ways to our offices.
Mum was right about today at work. The orders we received were insane. The demand for a piece of diamond and gold jewelry was higher than normal days. I helped mum as she designed lots of personalized jewelry. It was fun yet hectic.
In between, I decided to call Novan for once. I haven’t heard from him since. He picked after the second ring.
“Don’t ask me why I wasn’t home yesterday.” He said immediately he picked.
“You know I have a right to ask.”
“I don’t think so.”
“I do but I didn’t call you for that. Where are you?”
“I’m driving home. You?”
“At work.”
“Okay.” He said and cut the call.
The hell. He didn’t call me, I did. So why hung up on me?
With a heavy sigh, I put the phone back into my bag and got back to work.
We closed a bit early anyway since she wanted to go celebrate the day with dad. In fact, dad came to pick her. I waved them and entered the car we came to work with.
I glanced at my phone and read the messages I received from Betsy “Hey Quinn, party tonight on campus. Coming?”
” Won’t come.” I typed and sent it. I didn’t have to think twice about it.
What will I do at a college party when I’m no longer a colleger.
I made the car stop by a chocolate shop and I got down. Not to buy chocolate but to get a hot chocolate drink or cold. Any will do.
I walked in, took a seat, and called a waiter to get my order. In five minutes’ time, I had my steamy delicious chocolate drink in hand and, walking out of the shop. A message sound from my phone made me take my phone out and tapped on the message while I walked.
Edward is wishing me a happy Valentine’s day and asking if we could meet for dinner or something. He wanted to see me.
Is he not supposed to spend the entire day with his girlfriend?
With one hand and my face buried in my phone, I decided to reply to him when I walked into someone. My phone drops and my drink spilled, burning my hand and making me drop it. A painful groan made me look up to the person. My jaw detached as I stare wide-eyed at the unfortunate person who got bathed in my drink. I blinked my eyes at the resemblance.
He’s bathed in tattoos and piercings just like Novan and they have the same hair color but his own was curly and he was wearing a white shirt which was now stained over ripped blue jeans.
“Fuck, can’t you watch your way?!” His sharp green eyes met mine angrily, causing me to flinch.
“So..sorry” I stammer.
“Don’t tell me bullshit sorry. I wonder what the hell is wrong with you stupid girls. The hell couldn’t you wait to get your dumb ass home before chatting your asshole of a boyfriend?!”
What? I whisked my head around. We were standing in front of the shop.
I feel humiliated by this rowdy churlish boy.
“You don’t insult me after I apologize for something that was not wholly my fault. Where were your eyes turned to when I was coming? You could’ve taken another direction or made way for me to pass but your eyes were busy sticking in your ass so you couldn’t see and you were to dumb to make that decision huh?.”
“So because you’re Mariana so you think you can say anything to me? You know who I am?”
“Yes, the boy who couldn’t deal with his issues so he thought it’s nice to hurl his frustrations out on innocent people.”
“Why don’t you set up an NGO instead since you think I have a problem. I will be your first client and major case to solve. what do you think, Mariana?”
I’m not surprised he knows my name, a lot of people know me.
I huffed and picked my phone up from the floor. I frown at the part of the screen which has gotten broken. Not only did I lose my drink but my iPhone cracked.
I hissed at the boy whose type I have as a husband and once a boyfriend. As if their appearance alone is not enough to put people off, they add rudeness to it and a mean attitude.
I brushed past him and began to wonder how I fell for someone like him and now I’m living with it normally. My love for Novan doesn’t allow me to take this part of him to heart. I even forgot I once saw him like this and he pisses me off just like this boy but now everything is changed. His bad attitude is a minor and I could care less about it. Those are the things that make him up… it’s part of the package and I love him regardless. Even if Novan betrays me in the worst possible way, I know my love for him will always remain and never change. But..why are we not together even though it looks like we are..we aren’t.
A strong hand grabs me back and I feel my body pressed against a body. I looked up at the harsh green eyes with a scowl taking over my face.
“Not so fast. You have to pay for burning my skin and ruining my shirt.” He smirked. “It’s a dinner, you won’t refuse.”
What in the hell does this obnoxious boy take me for? Now I wished I had a ring as evidence of my marriage to throw in his face. The hell.
“You’re out of your mind. What makes you think I will come with you? I told you I’m sorry.”
“Apology not accepted until you come with me or I won’t let you be.” His smirk remains and reveals a faint dimple on the left side of his cheeks.
He’s handsome.
“Don’t ask me why I wasn’t home yesterday,” I said though it was all I wanted her to say to show that the care she has for me is still there. I was giving up when she didn’t call me but now, I want to believe that she still cares that’s why she called.
“You know I have a right to ask.”
Of course Mariana. I know.
“I don’t think so.”I lied. I actually wanted her to ask, shout, and fight with me till I tell her where I was.
“I do but I didn’t call you for that. Where are you?”
Her response pissed me and the little hope I had slipped away.
I reached home and as I began to take the stairs, the doorbell rang. I returned to get it but Sharon beat me to it.
I waited to see who it was when she opened it but it was just a delivery man. Sharon took the parcel with a large smile and sniffed a red rose which was attached to the parcel. When she turned, her cheeks were red.
“What’s that and why are you so happy and acting like a teenager in love for the first time?” I raised my brows at her.
“It’s Valentine’s day Novan..”
“Valentine’s day?” I have no idea what that even is. I think I heard it before but never bothered to know what it is about.
“It’s also called lovers day and on this day, we receive gifts from loved ones just like I did. On this day, lovers show how much they mean to each other by expressing all the love.”
“Oh, that cheesy bullshit where people go about in red or pink stuff and eat chocolate to their fill?”
“Oh okay, I count myself out of that madness. They have the entire time to love someone but chose to do it a day. How ridiculous.”
With Mariana, I want our every day to be spent as if it was a valentine’s day but our fights won’t make it possible. There’s always something that we always fight about. This one has taken long and out of hand. I feel us pulling away further each fucking passing day.
“It’s not madness. Mariana will be happy if you do something for her. Be it a gift or any other thing.”
“You said lovers day right?”
“Yes but not necessarily your lover. It could be anyone you love. A friend or relatives is also included.”
‘What about exes?’
“I see. So who sent you these? Are you seeing someone behind my back?”
She laughed. “No, but I got someone.”
“Have fun.” I smiled and jogged up the stairs to my room.
I don’t know much about this kind woman who took a natural liking to my sister and looked after her as if she was her own but I know she’s suffered failed relationships in the past so if now she wants to give it a chance, then I can only wish her all the best. I will personally kill the asshole who will dare to mess with her. Good people don’t deserve to suffer in this unfair world but it is them who suffer a lot. This world is so fucked up and bad. Nothing goes on well… except few.
My room is sparkling clean with the sweet scent of my temporary wife hovering around every corner. Signs that she spent the night. I opened her part of the wardrobe and the pervert man in me had to look at where her undergarments were kept. I picked her hot pink lacy panties up and wrapped my hand around it in a squeeze as my eyes closed. My imagination runs wild and I feel my boxer tightening around me. I snapped my eyes open and dropped it after inhaling it like a psycho. God. I just wish she was here. I will kiss her and I will see how she’s going to resist me. I know that’s something she can never do. She’s going get mad at me and yell but I don’t care as long as she doesn’t label it rape or sexual harassment.
But to kiss her, it will be a lot easier if I make her happy as Sharon said. We will all blame it on that if something should happen out of that instead of the blame landing on me alone. “We got carried away”. That’s what we will say. Yes.
I got down the stairs to ask Sharon what I can get her. I don’t care if we broke up. I still love her so I can do this since it’s a lover’s day. So low and superficial of me but I can’t help it. I know I have perverted intentions towards getting her a gift and it’s wrong. God, I’m planning on seducing her. This is so wrong.
“Uhm… Sharon?” I knocked on her door.
“Yes? What can I help you with?” She opened the door and smiled at me. She’s all dressed in a white dress with something like a thin red sage tied around her stomach.
She’s going out.
“I wanted to ask for help in getting something for Mariana but looks like you’re going somewhere so can you give me any ideas?”
“You can get her a teddy.”
“God no.” It’s the cheesiest thing ever. I gave her that teddy only to help with her phobia and nothing else.
“She eats that like every day.”
“You can give her a note of you listing out your happy moments with her and ending it with how much she means to you. It’s simple but I’m certain it will make her happy.”
If only we were together and this would have been a perfect idea because it makes sense.
“Thanks.” I smiled and left.
I’ve already spent an hour in a mall looking for something that Mariana actually deserves so I could get it but nothing at all made sense.
It’s always difficult when I want to get her something. I keep thinking but I can’t arrive at anything and nothing I think of is worthy of her. Sometimes because she’s rich and can get anything I get her. I always want something priceless and out of this world that she hasn’t seen before or can acquire for her. I went back home with nothing to add to the note I wanted to write for her but I shopped for baking shit and groceries. Yes, I want to bake something nice for her and prepare an Italian dish which I’m positive she’s going to love. I will put my all into making it perfect.
Sharon wasn’t around when I came and Nervisa was not back from school. I went to the kitchen and set to work. I gave the food my full dedication and applied all my skills just to make it perfect. After the Italian dish, I went on to prepare a heart-shaped red valentine cake and pizza. I put them in the oven and went to take a bath. I did few changes to my appearance but still wear my usuals. I came back to the kitchen and calculated the time from which I will spend from home to MD and set the timer according to it. The cake and pizza should get ready by the time I arrive. I set the fire low for that. I picked a pen and paper and began to reminisce about all our moments onto the paper.
I got another idea after I finished writing. I set the normal time for the cake but not the pizza then waited some minutes for it to get ready. The pizza doesn’t have to get cold.
I went to the balcony that joined my room and set a table for two in a candlelight dinner manner.
As I drove to her company to pick her, I realized this is beyond seducing her. I want to win her back. I want to impress her so she will go back on her words. I want my girl back and I pray this works for me.
Almost close to MD, I saw some couples standing in such an intimate position in front of a chocolate shop. I took my eyes away but a black hair caught my eye and I slowed. The guy had his back facing the road so I couldn’t see his face but the girl is so familiar. Is she…no but…
The guy moved back and the girl’s face came into view.
I choked on a spit I was swallowing and coughed severally.
What is she doing with my type?
I parked the car and watched as the tattooed guy laughed and walked towards a black classic car that Mariana followed and they entered. Minutes later and they took off. A car I recognized to be the Dominguez turned around and left as well.
What’s going on and who’s this new guy?
I shifted back to the road and sped after their car. Minutes later and they stopped in front of a big restaurant and got in.
I just stared and stared, not able to comprehend what is happening. Did Mariana move on? If she did then did she have to go for someone like me? Dylan would’ve been okay though I don’t support it and never will but Dylan would’ve kept her happy. He’s nice and decent and he won’t have malicious intentions but that boy looks dangerous and bad. I want to go in and drag him out and away from Mariana but what I saw didn’t look like he forced Mariana. She liked it and that’s why it’s happening. Even if he asked, she could’ve turned him down.
I lost again. All my efforts are not yielding. Yet again, my hopes and expectations are crushed.
I was busy making preparations at home to have dinner with her but here she is on a fancy date with a guy like me on a fucking Valentine’s day. Who the fuck was she supposed to spend it with if not me? Even if we are not dating, I’m her husband. A title I never claimed until now.
Mariana, I’m done. Done trying. Trying to beg, to make up.
You can’t keep breaking me.
“You ain’t eating.”
“That’s because I’m not hungry.” I eyed the creepy boy.
He nodded through mouthfuls. I looked at my cracked phone and realized I promised Tricia that I will be seeing her today after work. It’s almost night. I need to go.
“Listen, enough of all this nonsense. I don’t know why I agreed to come in the first place but I’m leaving. If you want a girl to have dinner with on a valentine’s day, there are lots of them around you can easily pick.”
“They’re all out of my league. You’re all I see when I look around.”
I looked around and got up. “I’m gonna call the security on you if you dare follow or try to stop me.”
“I’m scared.” He grinned sarcastically. ” Okay, I won’t come after you. I’ve given you enough punishment. Now you’ll look on the way henceforth and not be typing. Greet your boyfriend for me and I hope we can be friends, Mariana.”
“No thanks.”
“Oh please. It’s not like you can’t deal with someone like me?”
“You’re overstepping.”
“Okay.” He put his arms up. “I’m Haden, I mean no harm. Nice meeting you.” He presents his tattooed hand for a handshake.
I eyed it and shook my head.
“It’s okay, you’re more than a president’s daughter, and getting you here with me is a great honor. I’m sorry but I’ve always wanted to do this with you but didn’t know how but I succeeded today. Congratulations to me and happy Valentine’s day to you. Bye.” He waves me and focused on his food.
“Happy Valentine’s day,” I whispered and turned on my heels.
I called the driver to check if he was around and he responded affirmatively and came to pick me after some minutes. I got my phone out and called Tricia.
“Mariana. How do you do?”
“I’m sorry Mrs. Salvatore. I promised to come to see you but I failed. I’m on my way right now.”
“No, you don’t have to worry. I understand, it’s Valentine’s day and I want you to spend it with my son. I even forgot the day but now I just want you to be with him. So turn around..please.”
“Okay but send me the time you’ll be leaving tomorrow. I want to drive you to the airport.”
“Sure, I will.” I directed the driver to Novan’s house and began to call him. He didn’t pick until I got home. No one was at home just like the other day. I called Nervisa and she told me that she came home and no one was there so she’s at a friend’s house. I requested Sharon’s number from her and called but she didn’t pick. I called Novan again but he wouldn’t pick.
I changed into jeans, a cropped hoodie, and sneakers. I picked my key to the cabin and got out.
I called Betsy forgetting that she will be busy. She didn’t pick anyway. I called Lenna and she also didn’t pick.
I called Dylan and when I asked what he was doing, he said he’s studying. I asked him about school and kept quiet as he narrated everything to me, throwing me in a state of nostalgia. I miss school.
He went on and rambled to me about classic novels and the current books they were studying.
Dylan and I have so much in common —bookish souls and not a fan of valentine.
Imagine him studying on Valentine’s day.
I ended the call to give directions to the driver when we got into the woods that lead to the cabin.
I made the driver go and decided to walk the distance to the cabin. The same cabin that brought about our separation but I found it the best place to spend my time on a valentine’s night. I will sit by the lake and light a fire if possible and recollect all the happy moments I shared with Novan while throwing pebbles into the water, listening to every splash sound.
I heard Novan’s faint voice behind when I got to the porch. I didn’t expect him to be here.
Mission aborted. I wanted to spend alone time with myself and my thoughts. Novan is a total distraction. I can’t imagine what could happen between me and him in this secluded area.
I turned to leave but then I heard another voice and it was a girl’s.
I got curious and before I could stop myself, I began to waddle towards the voices.
“You look so much like someone I know.” Novan said.
“What makes it so?”
“Everything. Your innocence, behavior, and facials. How you talk and see things… it’s a lot.”
“Wow. Who’s that person?”
“Never mind. Can I kiss you?”
My movements along with my breathing stopped.
“You don’t have to ask but why?” The girl asked.
Bitch. He’s my husband.
“I want to see something,” Novan whispered and leaned into the girl who’s black hair was shining in the moonlight. They were sitting by the lake with their legs dipped in it.
So romantic.
I sucked my teeth into my lower lip and blinked back my tears.
I can’t take this. He’s cheating right before my eyes. I can never forgive you for this Novan.
“Donovan..” I wanted to scream but my voice came in a whisper.
“DONOVAN ANDERSON!” I called loudly this time and he broke away from the girl. He got up and I walked to him.
My hands fly in the air in rage to hit him but he held it.
“Don’!” He seethed through his teeth, putting more emphasis on each word with clenched jaws and eyes filled with contempt blazing at me.
I flinched as cold chills run down my spine.
Shall we all listen to Joeboy ft mayorkun ” Don’t call me back?”
I’m really sorry for not posting yesterday. Your next chapter is coming. Expect it…
But first, please LIKE, like crazy and COMMENT like crazy.
I love you.
So Novan got a girl who seems to share similar looks with Mariana. I wonder what he meant by “I want to see something” LoL
Most dramatic valentine ever…
I told you I can now see the end of this story…I can’t wait to draw the curtains.
# Demilade_Grace , thank you so much for this beautiful piece.
Guys let’s appreciate this sweetheart.
Some of you are doing this and I really can’t wait to post it for everyone to see.
Please if you can do something like this, keep them coming. I love them a lot and forever grateful.

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Timigold interior Decoration

Timigold interior Decoration

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12 days ago

Novan got a girl similar to Mariana and vice versa…hmmm that’s interesting

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