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Behind Her Smile… Episode 15

Behind Her Smile Episode 15 Miriam and Chioma returned to the palace. They found Esther in the backyard, muttering incoherent words. “Esther, what’s wrong with you?” Chioma asked worriedly. “It’s the Prince o,” Esther said. Blood drained from Miriam’s face. “And what happened to the Prince?” Esther sobbed. “He had an accident and the Queen […]

Behind Her Smile… Episode 14

Behind Her Smile Episode 14 “Is this where she lives?” Miriam asked Chioma who led her toward Ezinne’s hut. “Yes,” Chioma said. “And she already knows that we are here.” “Your mother is a great witch,” Miriam remarked. “I wonder how she lives until now.” “My daughters, come inside,” Ezinne said from within the hut. […]

Behind Her Smile… Episode 10

Behind Her Smile Episode 10 “Miriam!” Esther called, shaking Miriam who turned restlessly in bed. “Miriam, wake up.” Miriam woke up with tears in her eyes. Raising herself to sit, she wiped her eyes. “So it’s just a dream. Thank God.” “Miriam, who is Mikey?” Esther asked. “It’s no one,” Miriam said. “And I’m sorry […]

Behind Her Smile… Episode 5

“Miriam, please take these clothes to the Prince’s room,” Chioma said, advancing to Miriam with some laundered clothes. “What?” Miriam shrieked, hoping she’d heard wrong. But who was she kidding? “Is something wrong?” Chioma asked, taken aback by Miriam’s reaction. Miriam stood up from the bed on which she’d been sitting. She’d rounded up her […]

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