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Blue Maid… Episode 40

BLUE MAID CHAPTER FOURTY WRITTEN BY HOSSY RICH (HOSSANA) SEASON FINALE PRINCE ADRIAN I withdrew and looked into her eyes. Her eyes sparkled and I loved her more than ever Me: Blue, say something Blue : I don’t know what to say Me: can I please court you? Blue : what? I…. But…. I… I […]

Blue Maid… Episode 39

BLUE MAID CHAPTER THIRTY-NINE WRITTEN BY HOSSY RICH (HOSSANA) (NEPTUNE CITY) The king was sitting on his royal throne surrounded by his council. Ma’am Mabelle the oldest and most experienced mermaid in Neptune City had called them for a meeting. She was the only mer-being that is still living from the time of King Neptune […]

Blue Maid… Episode 38

BLUE MAID CHAPTER THIRTY-EIGHT WRITTEN BY HOSSY RICH (HOSSANA) PRINCESS GLADYS I heard Prince Adrian had gone to stay in Aberdeen alone Well it’s time to work my magic The engagement party was postponed because of him. But I’m still gonna be engaged to him tonight Whether he’s willing or not I got my things […]

Blue Maid… Episode 37

BLUE MAID CHAPTER THIRTY-SEVEN WRITTEN BY HOSSY RICH (HOSSANA) BLUE MAID Wow This house is so big and awesome But I’m surprised it’s not blue this time. It was really beautiful. The mansion’s living room was really awesome. Everything was white Adrian : make yourself at home He pointed to the large white cushions and […]

Blue Maid… Episode 36

BLUE MAID CHAPTER THIRTY-SIX WRITTEN BY HOSSY RICH PRINCE ADRIAN I still couldn’t believe it How can my Blue Maid be missing from the very day I left? That explains why her phone wasn’t going through Was she abducted? I was running crazy Why didn’t I hear any of this? The news I couldn’t watch […]

Blue Maid… Episode 35

BLUE MAID CHAPTER THIRTY-FIVE WRITTEN BY HOSSY RICH (HOSSANA) PRINCESS GLADYS I was going to check on Prince Adrian when I found out that the hall was crowded, so I had to take the elevator. I took the elevator to his room and walked to his living room. He wasn’t there. Then suddenly the door […]

Blue Maid… Episode 34

BLUE MAID CHAPTER THIRTY-FOUR WRITTEN BY HOSSY RICH (HOSSANA) PRINCE ADRIAN Thank goodness Breakfast is over Why does Gladys irritate me so well this days? I couldn’t even eat well I just kept controlling myself Today is really going to be busy for me Let me just say My play time’s over I was given […]

Blue Maid… Episode 32

BLUE MAID CHAPTER THIRTY-TWO WRITTEN BY HOSSY RICH (HOSSANA) PRINCESS GLADYS I was so happy when I realized that finally my dream was coming true. My father talked his father into having us engaged. According to whatever they agreed on, Birmingham and Edinburgh had things that the other kingdom needed. So my father made a […]

Blue Maid… Episode 31

BLUE MAID CHAPTER THIRTY-ONE WRITTEN BY HOSSY RICH (HOSSANA) PRINCE ADRIAN Me : Blue… She began to move backwards with a terrified look. She tried to turn but I grabbed her hand and pulled her to myself. She was surprised Even I wonder how I did that and why We were very close to each […]

Blue Maid… Episode 30

BLUE MAID CHAPTER THIRTY WRITTEN BY HOSSY RICH (HOSSANA) BLUE Me: sir, Derek isn’t back yet He stood up and walked to the fireplace. There were books on the mantelpiece. He looked through them and selected one, then he walked back with it. Prince: he’s always like that. Here take this I took the book […]

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