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Clumsy Maid… Episode 11

CLUMSY MAID EPISODE ELEVEN (Semi-Finale) _________________________________ 💖Amanda💕 We arrived at the park while Brandon opened the door for me. I could see anger already all over Anderson’s face. We went in the park I saw many couples having some fun with their kids and some without their kids, well I have a suprise for Peter […]

Clumsy Maid… Episode 9

CLUMSY MAID EPISODE 9 __________________________________ 😍Brandon😋 I woke up with a serious headache, then the event last night came back. I remembered I was drunk but how did I end up here is what I don’t remember and am sleeping on Amanda’s bed, I looked arround and saw her lying on the couch, though she […]

Clumsy Maid… Episode 7

CLUMSY MAID EPISODE 7 ________________________________________ 😋Brandon 😋 I can’t believe I’m falling for Amanda. She’s just too funny and crazy. There’s never a boring moment in the house. Anderson and Peter are nice people. Not rude or mean. I just love this place. After running away from those people, Amnada left off in the couch. […]

Clumsy Maid… Episode 6

CLUMSY MAID EPISODE 6 _________________________________________ 😍 Amanda 😍 I went back to the sitting room and saw them playing PES on the television. I went to the switch and turned the television off. “I almost won Amanda!” Peter exclaimed. “Oops! Not my business. I’m bored. Let’s play a game.” I said. “You have any in […]

Clumsy Maid… Episode 5

CLUMSY MAID EPISODE 5 ______________________________________________ 💞 Amanda 💕 Brandon stared at me for a second and took the bucket and left the kitchen. I laughed and brought down the food from the gas. I’ll wake up to prepare the meals and still suffer to wake Anderson and Peter up. Seriously, I’m frying them, I don’t […]

Clumsy Maid… Episode 4

CLUMSY MAID EPISODE 4 _______________________________________ 💋 Amanda 💋 After running away from Peter, I went to the kitchen and took a cold water from the refrigerator. I sat down and sighed. I know that they’ve got more plans on their sleeves but I’m gonna beat them to it. I took a cup of water and […]

Clumsy Maid… Episode 3

CLUMSY MAID EPISODE 3 ___________________________________________ Amanda 💗 I woke up early and quickly head to the bathroom. I took a quick bath and took my tooth paste and applied on my toothbrush. Within minutes, I was done. I went to the sitting room to clean it. I went to the sitting room and met Anderson […]

Clumsy Maid… Episode 2

CLUMSY MAID EPISODE 2 __________________________________ 💗Amanda💗 I kept bouncing on the bed. Wow! The bed is very soft I just feel like living here just in this room all alone. I climbed down from the bed and undress. I peeped around and saw his bathroom. The bathtub was already feeled with water. Hot water. Argh! […]

Clumsy Maid… Episode 1

CLUMSY MAID EPISODE 1 _____________________________ 💕Amanda💖 “Amanda! Amanda come back here this minute” my mum yelled my name. I wasn’t interested. I quickly climbed my bicycle and rode away to the market. I arrived at the market bought the necessary things i needed and turned back home today am working in the afternoon and evening […]

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