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Category: Drama Queen.{Season 2}

Drama Queen.{Season 2}… Episode 20

💛💛DRAMA QUEEN🍭 🎻And The Fl🌼wer Boys🎻🎤 🎤EPISODE 20🎤🎻🎻💕Finale💕 Season 2 {MISS COOK🍜} _______🌸 _____________________________________________ “The last time I checked Lia, our last phone call was three days ago, so why are you here?” Leo questioned Cheong Lia immediately she walked into the sitting room. Lia smiled and tucked her brown hair behind her ear. “Well, […]

Drama Queen.{Season 2}… Episode 19

💛💛DRAMA QUEEN🍭 🎻And The Fl🌼wer Boys🎻🎤 🎤EPISODE 19🎤🍭 🍭🍭💕Semi Finale💜 Season 2 {MISS COOK🍜} _______ _____________________________________________ At her private moment with Jeff in the kitchen, she had also told him that she wouldn’t be going to the party and she was going to Leo to ask some questions. All the idols had breakfast except Michel […]

Drama Queen.{Season 2}… Episode 18

💛💛DRAMA QUEEN🍭 🎻And The Fl🌼wer Boys🎻🎤 🎤EPISODE 18🎤 Season 2 {MISS COOK🍜} _______💋 ______________________________________________ [Silver House] Mona Lisa couldn’t wait for 11pm to clock. She needed to talk about her friendship with Leo to Jeff and tell him everything that he needs to know, including the birthday party. She headed to the pool and getting […]

Drama Queen.{Season 2}… Episode 17

💛💛DRAMA QUEEN🍭 🎻And The Fl🌼wer Boys🎻🎤 🎤EPISODE 17🎤 Season 2 {MISS COOK🍜} _______🌼 ______________________________________________ [At the restaurant] “Here we are,” Leo said as they settled on a table. Mona looked around. “Finally I entered this restaurant. I Never thought I would,” Mona said with an excited smile. “Why?” Leo asked, looking at her. “Because it’s […]

Drama Queen.{Season 2}… Episode 14

💛💛DRAMA QUEEN🍭 🎻And The Fl🌼wer Boys🎻🎤 🎤EPISODE 14🎤 Season 2 {MISS COOK🍜} _______🌼 ______________________________________________ “Will you be too busy tody?” Leo asked and Mona raised her eyeballs in thought. “Uhm, I’m not really doing anything,” Mona said. “Then can we meet by 3pm today? Let’s sit, talk and go through your novel,” he said. “Uhmmmm” […]

Drama Queen.{Season 2}… Episode 13

💛💛DRAMA QUEEN🍭 🎻And The Fl🌼wer Boys🎻🎤 🎤EPISODE 13🎤 Season 2 {MISS COOK🍜} _______🌼 ______________________________________________ ⏰Krrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Krrrr!!⏰Mona’s alarm rang, waking her up from sleep, alerting her it’s 6:00am. She rubbed her eyes and sat up and silenced the alarm still ringing from her phone. Blue was up already and walking around the room. “Hey Blue” Mona […]

Drama Queen.{Season 2}… Episode 9

💛💛DRAMA QUEEN🍭 🎻And The Fl🌼wer Boys🎻🎤 🎤EPISODE 9🎤 Season 2 {MISS COOK🍜} _______⛅ _________________________________________ “Where’s Michel?” Mr Park asked in a hush tone. “Upstairs in his room, I’m sure he knows what’s going on.” TedyA answered. Manager Kim walked closer to Mona Lisa and with a calmed eyes and tone, he said. “Please help us, […]

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