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Drama Queen… Episode 10

💗💗DRAMA QUEEN🍭🍭 🎻🎻And The Fl🌼wer Boys🎤 EPISODE 10🎵 (Finale🎻🎻 Season 1 ________🎙 ________________________________________ At the flower boys house, the flower boys opened the studio door and got shocked to see TedyA standing in front of them, grinning with his hands akimbo. “Tah da!” he said. “Wait Tedy, did you sleep in here?” Jeff asked. “What […]

Drama Queen… Episode 9

💗💗DRAMA QUEEN🍭🍭 🎻🎻And The Fl🌼wer Boys🎤 EPISODE 9🎵 ________🎙 ______________________________________ “We should go in now… It’s so late. Your pretty eyes will get swollen and I don’t want that.” TedyA said to Michel. “You should worry about your own eyes.” Michel said. TedyA grinned and touched his eyes. “Do you mean they are pretty?” Michel […]

Drama Queen… Episode 8

💗💗DRAMA QUEEN🍭🍭 🎻🎻And The Fl🌼wer Boys🎤 EPISODE 8🎵 ________🎙 _______________________________ “Uhmm Daughter-in-law. I can’t miss your food for anything in the world. I’m sure Kim Tan misses it so much, right grandson?” Halmeoni said as the three members of the family ate at the dinning table. Michel sighed and paused the meat he was about […]

Drama Queen… Episode 7

💗💗DRAMA QUEEN🍭🍭 🎻🎻And The Fl🌼wer Boys🎤 EPISODE 7🎵 (unedited✖) ________🎼_______________________________ [Silver house] Mona Lisa’s luggage was thrown outside by the very angered agent man. “Do you want to go to prison! You snuck into someone’s house. Do you know you can pay so dearly for that huh!” He barked angrily at Mona Lisa who carried […]

Drama Queen… Episode 6

💗💗DRAMA QUEEN🍭🍭 🎻🎻And The Fl🌼wer Boys🎤 EPISODE 6🎵 ________🎼_______________________________ [Flower boys House🎸] “What happened last night?” Mr Park, Spark5 assistant manager asked as the six of them settled on the couches of the sitting room. No one answered. Michel was chewing gum, J guy and Best were licking lollipop, while TedyA was playing games on […]

Drama Queen… Episode 5

💗💗DRAMA QUEEN🍭🍭 🎻🎻And The Fl🌼wer Boys🎤 EPISODE 5 🍭 ________🎼_______________________________ (Silver house) Mona Lisa suddenly remembered something and sprang up from the floor. ‘The house documents ‘ She rushed to the drawer where she kept the documents but slumped down when she realized that the drawer had been replaced. The house documents are gone. _________________🎼_______________________ […]

Drama Queen… Episode 4

💗💗DRAMA QUEEN🍭🍭 🎻🎻And The Fl🌼wer Boys🎤 EPISODE 4🍭🍭 [Unedited😊] ________🎼_______________________________ Did he slam the door on her? Oh.. she must have messed up as a fan by acting crazy on the plane. It’s all her fault. But! Mona Lisa shook her head. This is the only way for her. She has to keep knocking. She […]

Drama Queen… Episode 3

💗💗DRAMA QUEEN🍭🍭 🎻🎻And The Flower boys🎤 EPISODE 3🍭 ________🎼_______________________________ The days passed with Mona Lisa touring round the city each day till sunset. She was very excited to be in the city. Also she wished to see Mr Leo again but she couldn’t again. It was on the sixth day and as usual she had […]

Drama Queen… Episode 2

💗💗DRAMA QUEEN🍭 🎻🎻And The Flower boys🎤 EPISODE 2🍭 ________🎼______________________________ (Bangkok, Thailand🇹🇭) Mona Lisa opened her eyes to find Blue jumping on her body and the plane empty. She yawned and sat up. “Where’s everyone?” “Meow.” Blue cried. She looked out the window and realized that they had gotten to their destination. Her head suddenly ache […]

Drama Queen… Episode 1

💗💗DRAMA QUEEN Setting: South Korea. (Inspiration from a kdrama series; Full house) INTRODUCTION:/ 1 Mona Lisa Silver is a twenty three years old orphan who lives in Silver House with her twin brother, Tenten. Mona Lisa is talented in composing songs, rap and dancing. She dream of becoming a Kpop singer someday. She is a […]

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