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Dream… Episode 35

DREAM ( Odeya ) . . CHIDINMA JERRY .M. . EPISODE 35 His phone Rang,he ignored the call and dropped the phone on the pavement ” sit”he said I sat down “Sir the girl you are looking for… uhmm what do you know about her?”I said “How did you know I was looking for someone?”he […]

Dream… Episode 34

DREAM ( Odeya ) . . CHIDINMA JERRY .M. . EPISODE 34 I stood up and nana walked out “Sir isn’t there a misunderstanding here I mean– “No,its all under probability and deya was chosen”the man said. Bryan picked a call and walked out “Roomie do you know how much that jacket cost?”Jessie asked “No…the […]

Dream… Episode 33

DREAM ( Odeya ) . . CHIDINMA JERRY .M. . EPISODE 33 I opened my eye and he gently kissed my cheek then hugged me tight. what was I busy imagining.. did he want to kiss me? Did he not want to kiss me..I rolled my eye and he chuckled. Too much of movie’s will […]

Dream… Episode 32

DREAM ( Odeya ) . . CHIDINMA JERRY .M. . EPISODE 32 “Well my name is,”I smiled and held my phone in between my a very shy person.. i can’t belive he came here for me. He looked into my face like he wasn’t seeing me well “Do you smile very frequently?”he asked I […]

Dream… Episode 31

DREAM ( Odeya ) . . CHIDINMA JERRY .M. . EPISODE 31 “Hey! hey! Wait wait,madam where are you dragging me to..hey madam ahhh”I shouted “Shut are a noise maker”she added “Am just trying to tell you that you are mistaken huh,Bryan can never look for me. is he drunk? I am sure its […]

Dream… Episode 30

CHIDINMA JERRY .M. . EPISODE 30 “Sorry but this is my ex…I mean you pointed at nana” I said. “No its not Kim nana,did I point at Kim nana..can u move the system closer”she said. “Sure”I moved it “Oh my sight,my sight started again with small figures,all the girls look the same to me”she said […]

Dream… Episode 29

DREAM ( Odeya ) . . CHIDINMA JERRY .M. . EPISODE 29 Omg,where am I falling into. God help me. i opened my eye. Oh no!! Bryan was on call and he was passing — oh my!! If I fall on him we will both fall into the ocean. No its better I fall alone. […]

Dream… Episode 28

DREAM ( Odeya ) . . CHIDINMA JERRY .M. . EPISODE 28 Bryan didn’t actually talk to her …until she unlocked. “Oops won’t you touch me? I will really hug you again”she said and hugged him tight again That was when He tapped her back twice she unlocked and bowed He nodded gently and closer […]

Dream… Episode 27

DREAM ( Odeya ) . . CHIDINMA JERRY .M. . EPISODE 27 He didn’t talk again,i can’t believe my arms where wrapped around his tummy. The skin behind his neck glittered…He has gotten too handsome he now looks ethereal. He started singing in a little voice,i wish i was free to sing freely too. one […]

Dream… Episode 26

DREAM ( Odeya ) . . CHIDINMA JERRY .M. . EPISODE 26 ODEYA ODEYA I was rolling on my bed when rose called “Bes”I said “Send me your calendar”she said “Dont worry my period is still far”I said “Send it to Me so I can remind you to come to my house before the actual […]

Dream… Episode 25

DREAM ( Odeya ) . . CHIDINMA JERRY .M. . EPISODE 25 “What if I dont want to reply u”Bryan said and looked in his phone “Bryan what on–” “I told you deya,when you are done cooking for your boyfriend you need to untie the robe so u can look sweet,just the way every one […]

Dream… Episode 24

DREAM ( Odeya ) . . CHIDINMA JERRY .M. . EPISODE 24 I hastily stood up from his body and he fell back on the grass quietly then picked his phone. He didnt even look at me again he just picked a call. I carefully dropped the water for him. Why did I fall ahhh […]

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