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Fate. {Season 2}… Episode 8

💕#FATE💙💙 {Drunk in your 💟Love}🌷 SEASON 3 #Episode_38 . . . ⏩Ethan’s POV⏩ I slowly open my eyes and felt my head aching… i had terrible day yesterday, i open my eyes fully and notice i slept off at the sitting room with my head on the table and bottles of champagne, i was so […]

Fate… Episode 30

💕#FATE💙💙 {Drunk in your 💟Love}🌷 SEASON 2 #Episode_30 . .( Guys I’m sorry, episode 29 is omitted) . 💗Chloe’s POV💗 It six in the evening and am already at home, i kinda feel happy today atleast Declan was nice to me, i can’t believe we chatted all day and he seems nice just like Ethan. […]

Fate… Episode 28

💕#FATE💙💙 {Drunk in your 💟Love}🌷 SEASON 2 #Episode_28 . . . 🌹Chloe’s POV🌹 I and Erica quickly rushed to mom’s ward and meet her trying to stand up. “mom, where are you going? i asked while she smile seeing me. “mom what happen? i asked then hugged her, it a good thing nothing bad happen […]

Fate… Episode 27

💕#FATE💙💙 {Drunk in your 💟Love}🌷 SEASON 2 #Episode_27 . . . Erica’s POV🌹 Who’s she Ethan? i asked when we walked out. “i don’t know Erica, i will just give you a call later,” he said while i held his hand. “Ethan are you serious about me or you’re just filrting? i asked angrily while […]

Fate… Episode 26

💕#FATE💙💙 {Drunk in your 💟Love}🌷 SEASON 2 #Episode_26 . . . “hi,” i said while he smiled then walked to me. “meet my friend,” he said to Declan while he smile. “so you’ve accepted my offer? he smirk. “no… i can’t do that,” i said while he looked so disappointed. “but.. why? he asked slowly. […]

Fate… Episode 25

# FATE {Drunk in your Love} SEASON 2 # Episode_25 . . . Ethan’s POV I was damn angry at her, how dare she ruined my day and still ruin my white shirt, what the hell is wrong with her. Well i just decided to act a nice guy because she’s beautiful, perphaps the most […]

Fate… Episode 24

# FATE {Drunk in your Love} SEASON 2 # Episode_24 . . . **** . . . . Am learning not to force things happen, but to just let them align with my life when the right time is right. I kept wandering from one company to another but couldn’t get a job. As a […]

Fate… Episode 23

# FATE {Drunk in your Love} SEASON 2 # Episode_23 . . . “you mean she said all that to you, what type of daughter is she then? Chloe asked looking so furious. I just arrived home then told them everything that happen. “mom you should have added more slaps to her, it not as […]

Fate… Episode 22

# FATE {Drunk in your Love} SEASON 2 # Episode_22 . . please i need your help,” i cried while she sighed then turn to leave. “Please Ma’am, okay then i just need to talk to my daughter, i don’t love Anton either and am not after to destroy his happy family, i know how […]

Fate… Episode 21

# FATE {Drunk in your Love} SEASON 2 # Episode_21 . . . . Ethan’s POV I smiled as i walked out of the flower shop. Am gonna give this one to Jasmine, i think i like her. We’ve been friends ever since we are kids and i kinda feel Jasmine has something for me. […]

Fate… Episode 20

# FATE {Drunk in your Love} SEASON 2 # Episode_20 . . . “please help me Miss, i don’t want to go their again,” the little boy cried holding my hands. Am in the orphanage where my mom works, different situations over here and the kids are suffering from starvation, i wish the Governor will […]

Fate… Episode 19

# FATE {Drunk in your Love} SEASON 2 # Episode_19 . . . . Years Later . . *At Star high school* . Chloe’s POV *wow, the girl is so intelligent* *congratulations* *you made it at last, only ten students got this scholarship* The students keep calling my name from every angle, i felt so […]

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