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First kiss… Episode 10

FIRST KISS Written By Park Theresa Episode 10 …… The whole school was in chaos and everyone was shouting here and there . “What is going on?? Elena asked “Let’s go and have a look” Hailey said and they both ran to the school field where everyone was gathered “Oh my gosh!!!! Hailey exclaimed as […]

First kiss… Episode 9

FIRST KISS Written by Park Theresa . Episode 9 …….. Leo sigh and move closer to Elena and he kept looking at her as different thought flash through his mind . “Will you be my girlfriend?? He asked and Elena was dumbfounded Elena looked at him and nodded “Yes” Leo was surprised ” but why […]

First kiss… Episode 8

FIRST KISS Written by Park Theresa . Episode 8 . Elena slightly open her eyes and she turned to see a lady sitting on a swirling chair, she was dressed in a white lab cloth and Elena believe she must be the school doctor She sigh in order to catch her attention “Oh you’re awake” […]

First kiss… Episode 6

FIRST KISS Written by Park Theresa . Episode 6 . “You want me to be your what??? Elena said looking surprised “Is that too hard?? “Hey did you know what you just request for, we don’t even know each other that much and you’re asking me to be your girlfriend” Elena blurted out ” Of […]

First kiss… Episode 5

FIRST KISS Written by Park Theresa Episode 5 . Xavier and Elena are both walking to school but everywhere was quiet “Urr…Xavier …thanks for letting me stay in your house and sorry for the slap also a big thank you to your mom” Elena said “Mom?? Xavier said and smile “Yes she’s really a nice […]

First kiss… Episode 4

FIRST KISS Written by Park Theresa Episode 4 . Elena was sleeping peacefully, she wanted to open her eyes but decided to sleep more since Sally or her step mother hasn’t call for her attention but she was hearing a weird sound that makes her quickly jolted up She looked around the room and was […]

First kiss… Episode 1

FIRST KISS Written by Park Theresa . Episode 1 ●●●●●●●●●● Elena was amazed by how beautiful and big the school is, she was still admiring the beauty of the school when she accidentally step someone “Oh my goodness!!!” The girl exclaimed “are you blind or what??” “Am sorry I didn’t do it intentionally” Elena apologised […]

First kiss… Prologue

FIRST KISS Written by enmy . Prologue ………. Leonard emerged from the car with his two best friends Alfred and Derrick and almost all the girls in school ran to them especially Leonard, he’s the hottest of all,he use his fingers to move his viking blonde hair backward and the girls lost it and started […]

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