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High School Love… Episode 31

💚💚HIGH SCHOOL LOVE ON 🔘CHAPTER 31🔘 🌹ELLIE POV🌹 Looking them makes me smile. “So what are you still doing here ex queen”Smith said. “hmm….am sorry I will go”i said as I turn to leave. “Wait”that was Andra voice. “Don’t leave,have said it earlier that have forgiven you”she said. “So just stay”micheal said. “But she almost […]

High School Love… Episode 30

💚💚HIGH SCHOOL LOVE ON💚💚 🔮CHAPTER 30🔮 🌹ELLIE POV🌹 I walk into the cafeteria.All eyes turn to me. “The queen is here”a student said in a mockery turn drawing there word queen. 👨I don’t look at wicked people. 👩Ewwww….. 👩Even wickedness smell here. 👩Stupid being. 👨Just find yourself a killer. They are right? Am wicked and […]

High School Love… Episode 21

💜💜HIGH SCHOOL LOVe 🔵CHAPTER 21🔵 🌹ANDRA POV🌹 After some minutes of taking Michael to the clinic he finally wake up. “He till have to rest well”The clinic teacher said. “Alright”i reply as he teacher walk out of the room. “Micheal are you okay”chris said. “Yh”he reply sightly.Am going to do anything within power to make […]

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