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Must Read: Isabella… Episode 55

¤ISABELLA>>>>>> ¤season 1 (in love with a mermaid) ¤written by…… ¤Etz sky prince. ¤Episode 55 (semi final) ____AS NARRATED BY MR.OKENWA______ __________ Wisdom just like his name inscribed is a super talented kid which I do wonder where his parent got him from, unlike Isabella whom I know her origin very well and I understand […]

Must Read: Isabella… Episode 51

¤ISABELLA>>>>>> ¤season 1 (in love with a mermaid) ¤written by…… ¤Etz sky prince. ¤Episode 51 We enter the principal office and met him seating on his chair while some teachers stood erect watching us like we are bunch of criminals which increases my heartbeat ten times higher. “wealth what happened yesterday why were you not […]

Must Read: Isabella… Episode 50

¤ISABELLA>>>>>> ¤season 1 (in love with a mermaid) ¤written by…… ¤Etz sky prince. ¤Episode 50 “wisdom stop!!!!……..”.i heard the voice echoed Into my ear and I saw Isabella walking into the class with her blue eyes which signify fury.i moved my gaze from her to tochukwu who was pleading on the floor waving his hand […]

Must Read: Isabella… Episode 46

¤ISABELLA>>>>>> ¤season 1 (in love with a mermaid) ¤written by…… ¤Etz sky prince. ¤Episode 46 We drove hastily on a free and conducive atmosphere conversing and laughing happily including Vincent who waste no time in jumping into Isabella’s car after we explained all that happen the previous day to them and they were very happy […]

Must Read: Isabella… Episode 45

¤ISABELLA>>>> ¤season 1 (in love with a mermaid) ¤Written by ¤Etz sky prince Episodes 45↓↓↓↓→→→ Prestigious kings academy female sport vest unlike the male and the School uniform is an handless shirt with net forming the hand,The sun rays is seen emanating on her super fair shinning skin like a transparent mirror making her face […]

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