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Category: Just for love

Just for love… Episode 47

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) #Chapter 47 {{FINALE}} © Azeemah Salami✓ (Zeemah writes ) Liam’s POV cont’d “I’m sorry bu..” I punched his mouth before he could complete that statement. Everyone around us gasped. “Liam!” Mum scolded and rushed to the doctor. I was feeling so crazy right now,i don’t want to hear what […]

Just for love… Episode 44

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) #Chapter 44 ©Azeemah Salami✓ (Zeemah writes ) Mara’s POV cont’d “Reiya” I screamed in excitement and rushed into her open arms. We both hugged tightly and it took some minutes before we disengaged from the hug. She’s so beautiful and flawless,with a rare complexion which shone without the aid […]

Just for love… Episode 42

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) #Chapter 42 ©Azeemah Salami✓ (Zeemah writes ) Mara’s POV “Ellen is three weeks pregnant for me” Bryan said. Shock bursted into my veins and i couldn’t hold myself anymore. I fell off my chair. “Mara” Bryan called and i bursted into tears. “E.. Ellen you are pregnant for for […]

Just for love… Episode 40

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) #Chapter 40 © Azeemah Salami✓ (Zeemah writes ) Bryan’s POV “Why did Tammy leave?” Kelly asked immediately Mara walked out of the door. “S..she her mum called her” Laura said. “I heard everything,i didn’t know she hated me that much” He said with so much pain in his voice. […]

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