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Love Again… Episode 29

Love_again Epilogue . . Niharika was feeling restless since morning. Nikhil had asked her before going to work and she had replied she was fine. The last two months of her marriage had been like a dream. Nikhil had been so understanding and cooperative. He neva allowed her to lift a finger in the house […]

Love Again… Episode 28

love_again Episode 28 ★ ★ Nikhil had proposed but before she could react Niharika had to be rushed to the hospital. He had never expected this reaction. She was unconscious the whole way to the hospital. He was worried for her and the baby. He had started caring for the baby as if it was […]

Love Again… Episode 27

love_again Episode 27 ° ° Nikhil took her to an exclusive restaurant which was a famous haunt of many television stars. It was such a popular place that reservation was required in advance . A beautifully decorated table for two had been reserved for them. It was a round table with a scented candle in […]

Love Again… Episode 24

Love_again Episode 4 ° ° Tonight was Saturday night so Niharika went grocery shopping for the dinner. She was planning on a completeChinese menu right from the starters to the desert. She was making spring rolls and wontons as starters with Talu mein soup.The main course comprised of chicken hakka noodles, steamed fish in oystersauce, […]

Love Again… Episode 23

love_again Episode 23 . . Nikhil had been speaking to Niharika regularly . She was a brave girl who was staying alone pregnant in a foreign country . He admired her strength and independence. She spoke so passionately about her child . He knew she would be a very good mother who would place her […]

Love Again… Episode 22

love_again Episode 22 . . She was now seven months pregnant so her mother decided to arrange a baby shower for her . Ayush had become a very good friend for her so he helped his stepmom with the arrangements. Since orange was her favourite colour the theme for the day was orange. Their entire […]

Love Again… Episode 19

Love_again Episode 19 . . Ayush Arora→her stepfather son was tall good looking and arrogant. Somehow he had got it in his head that she had an ulterior motive . Maybe she was after money . His stepmom informed him that she was pregnant and lonely so she would stay with them. But he was […]

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