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Loving you… Episode 11

Loving you (Feelings) Episode 11 (finale) Written by Kay He took my be my hand and let me outside to the hospital’s garden and that’s when I felt the same touch I did years ago. This led me thinking. Alejandro would always change the topic when I talked about my childhood, and I always turned […]

Loving you… Episode 10

Loving you (Feelings) Episode 10 Written by Kay “Okay, lets agree that its you. I had a really crazy childhood and shared almost everything with my bestfriend whom I loved so much. Mention something I only told you.” I said bickering to him He gave me that “Why won’t you just trust me” look. “Can […]

Loving you… Episode 9

Loving You (Feelings) Episode 9 Written by Kay “You knew this would happen and still you didn’t warn me.” “Well let’s be honest Maddy, you knew this was going to happen all along so why are you sad now” William answered “Why am I sad? How could you even ask that. Are you in your […]

Loving you… Episode 8

Loving you (Feelings) Episode 8 Written by Kay “Please forgive me, just this once. Please” he begged and suddenly a tiger became a small little cat. “Do you remember how we used to be, we can be like that again. Happy and inlove. This was just a misunderstanding, I misunderstood you and don’t hold it […]

Loving you… Episode 7

Loving you (Feelings) Episode 7 Written by Kay The car ride was quiet and a sudden burst came into my thoughts that Alejandro was actually taking about William when he mentioned that I gave my number to him. Yes, I did but only because I thought… well what did I think. This made me feel […]

Loving you… Episode 5

Loving you (Feelings) Episode 5 Written by Kay I got up quickly and searched for my timetable and asked Nessa where the class is. We got a class together again and we went together. The day went by and discovered myself when the last bell rang. I went to the head gate and waited for […]

Loving you… Episode 4

Loving you (Feelings) Episode 4 Written by Kay “Hii, Im..” “William, yes I know” He has the nerve to introduce him once again, what tipe of person is he. Why do I have to be his deskmate? This boy is too much. “Can I see your class timetable?” “Yes, sure” I said sarcastically and him […]

Loving you… Episode 2

Loving you (Feelings) Episode 2 Written by Kay As I enter the door, I saw everyone looking at me “Is everything alright?” I asked anxiously I saw their eyes looking for answers while I did the same, But what answers are they looking for? “Dinner is ready, lets sit”, father said breaking the silence. The […]

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