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Made To Love… Episode 14

. MADE TO LOVE…. GRAND FINAL CHAPTER 14 💟[#MADE_TO_LOVE_YOU]💟 ANNA’S… “Pregnancy is always stressful, so you got to be careful” I told Kate as she complained bitterly “Like I’m going through hell everyday” She held my hands as I stroked it… “It’s okay dear” “And how’s Kennedy?” She asked as I smiled Ken is my […]

Made To Love… Episode 13

.MADE TO LOVE Chapter 13 [#A_SHIFTED_ENGAGEMENT] ANNA’S… I stopped in front of Davis House as I got down from the car.. I rushed into the compound as I saw people leaving… Oh my goodness! My phone started ringing as I picked up… “Anna I’ve been trying to reach you, what’s wrong” Kate shouted immediately… “There […]

Made To Love… Episode 12

. *Made To Love* Chapter 12 [#BREAKING_MY_ENGAGEMENT] DAVIS’S It was the engagement day… Finally!!! I’m getting engaged to Jenny This shit is getting me high! Anthony walked into the room with a fierce facial expression “Anthony help me out!” I held his hands together “What do I help you with?” He asked eying me “I […]

Made To Love… Episode 11

.💖MADE TO LOVE💖 Chapter 11 💖[#TRUST_OR_LOVE]💞 **3 months later** ANNA… When Davis stooped the car in front of Kate’s house, he kissed me passionately for a while. I am almost losing. I wonder how long he had been restraining himself by merely squeezing my hand all the way back from the office… I come out […]

Made To Love… Episode 10

.💗MADE TO LOVE Chapter 10 👣[#A_WIFE_IS_HERE] Troubles with a wife and a secretary… Jenny in my home💢💢💢 _____DAVIS’S___ The door opened as a light skinned beauty entered… She wore a short black Palladio dress with heels… She could easily be mistaken for a model artist but her beauty can’t be measured together with Anna’s… Anna […]

Made To Love… Episode 9

.💗MADE TO LOVE Chapter 9 💞 👣 [#ISSUES] We’re gonna be together but there’s an intruder…. Davis 💔 _____ANNA’S____ “So you… Like I don’t understand” Kate shouted “Stop shouting!” I held her hands together We both met at a coffee shop to talk.. I just told her about what happened between I and Davis yesterday […]

Made To Love… Episode 8

.💖MADE TO LOVE Chapter 8 … 💟[#MY_VIRGINITY]💟 __Davis and my virginity ___ANNA’S____ I walked into his house as I entered straight inside. I thought there would be a pin to his door.. Funny enough, there wasn’t… I straightened my shirt and my short skirt… The house felt somehow empty “Mr Davis?” I called as I […]

Made To Love… Episode 7

.___Made to love____ ❤️ Chapter 7 💜[#JEALOUSY]💜 Jealousy hypocrite slots in…. ___DAVIS’S___ I stared at Anna in disgust… How dare she try to meet Stephen. On a date? What rubbish! My phone ring up as I picked immediately I knew it was May.. “Hey sis” “Hey Davis, I’m at the airport. I waited long enough […]

Made To Love… Episode 6

___MADE TO LOVE____ Chapter 6… 💖[#A_DATE]💖 ♣____Davis’s___♣ “Hey Anna” Mum said standing up immediately.. She walked over to the inner part of the house where I would not be able to hear her conversation with Anna I stared at my sister as she laughed so hard. “Worried?” She asked still smiling “Like hell!” I tried […]

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