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My Heart… Episode 20

{ #MY_HEART } Episode 20 . . story by Japhy . I arrived back home and meet mom sleeping on a couch peacefully, i kissed her forehead. “am sorry mom,” i said then went to my room and called Arina on the phone. I can’t believe Arina ran away, why is she scared? “Arina, the […]

My Heart… Episode 19

{ # MY_HEART } Episode 19 . . story by Japhy . I rushed outside, so angry I rushed outside, so angry about everything. Loren is such a devil, i’ve always knew that. She act so stupid atimes. “am sorry Brown,” i heard her voice behind and i turn to her. “look Loren it better […]

My Heart… Episode 14

{ #MY_HEART } Episode 14 . . story by Japhy . “oh, so sorry i just walked in without knocking,” Mrs. Tanny our maid said as she walked in with some luggage, i felt quite relief it was her. “your dad is back,” she said while i smiled then walked to the door. Dad walked […]

My Heart… Episode 12

{ # MY_HEART } Episode 12 . . story by Japhy . Brown’s POV What the heck is wrong with this girl. I quickly pushed her away girl. I quickly pushed her away from me when Courtney walked in. “what wrong with you silly thing,” i yelled at her which make her flinch. “what were […]

My Heart… Episode 9

{ #MY_HEART } Episode 9 . . story by Japhy . This really hurts, i held my cheeks then looked at Loren without saying anything. “you’re such a burden to us, i can’t believe you steal from other people,” she yelled at me. “i found this necklace at the orphanage, and i was not having […]

My Heart… Episode 10

{ #MY_HEART } Episode 10 . . story by Japhy . “say something Courtney,” i said almost in a whisper. “yes Brown am Courtney, the one you’ve known before. But what else now huh?,” she said rudely. “i just want us to set things right between us, i want us to be friends again,” i […]

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