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My Heartbeat… Episode 15

(My heart beat) Episode 15 ( final) Seven weeks later, Femi was busy dancing away at Bolu and Jire’s wedding. The wedding in Lagos was bigger than she had expected it to be. There were dignitaries everywhere and even the Nation’s vice President was there. She wore the Aso-ebi reserved for Sisters of the bride […]

My Heartbeat… Episode 14

(My heart beat) Episode 14 (Semi final) Fiyin was missing Femi something fierce and he realised both times when he had missed her this much, she had been in Abuja, he decided he didn’t like Abuja that much anymore. His only consolation was that while she wasn’t with him, she was with his parents and […]

My Heartbeat… Episode 13

(My heart beat) Episode 13 Justice Bola Arowolo sat in her son’s sitting room as she sipped the hot cocoa Ose had made her and chatted with her children and grandchildren. They were all there including Seun’s husband, Austin Nnabuife, an ict engineer, Jire, Bolu’s fiancée and Femi, the one she was really watching. Nathaniel […]

My Heartbeat… Episode 12

(My heart beat) Episode 12 Femi entered the reception area of Saint Havers Hospital and stared in awe. It was so big, there seemed to be several things happening at once. There was a big aquarium on one side with some fishes she had never seen before. There were nurses wearing beautiful green scrubs and […]

My Heartbeat… Episode 11

my heartbeat episode 11 Episode 11 Tiwa was busy dividing up all the gifts she had bought all the way from Italy. She had been selected as one of 20 participants to represent Nigeria at the International Medical Conference in Milan to her utter delight and envy of her housemate and work buddies. She had […]

My Heartbeat… Episode 9

(My heart beat) Episode 9 Fiyin had been reading the same line of his medical journal for the past 3 minutes, he dropped the book and rubbed at his aching forehead. He wasn’t sleeping well at all. Since Monday, his dreams had been full of Femi and now, he couldn’t go anywhere without been reminded […]

My Heartbeat… Episode 7

My heartbeat episode 7 Episode 7 Fiyin was having a miserable day. Actually, he was having a miserable week. After the fiasco with Femi at Cold stone on Saturday, he had called her that night but she hadn’t picked her calls. On Sunday, he had sent her a message apologising and she hadn’t replied. On […]

My Heartbeat… Episode 6

My heartbeat episode 6 Episode 6 Tiwa’s week had started out great and it had progressively gotten better. The whole week, she did not lose any patients, she had no emergencies and 3 of her patients including Mr Salman got discharged. Even better, on Tuesday, Fiyin had asked her out again and they had gone […]

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