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Category: She’s mine

She’s mine… Episode 31

She’s mine Chapter 31 “What?!” I asked, confused. Damon looked at me and frowned. “Is there a problem, Natalie?” He asked stupidly. “Umm, let me think, yes! Duh” I said sarcastically. “You can’t just move my things around and tell me where to live! You’re not my father!” I said angrily. Damon looked at me […]

She’s mine… Episode 29

She’s mine Chapter 29 Find Natalie. Find Natalie. Find Natalie. Where is she?! I rushed to the reception panting and a young black haired girl was sitting behind the desk. “Where the fuck is Natalie Sene?!” I spat at her. Her eyes widened as she recognized me. She quickly typed something on the computer and […]

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