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The Blue Sea… Episode 25

💙The Blue Sea💙 Episode 25😋😋 FINALE General pov Grandma informed the Slyvesters about Belinda baby Both family threw a party to celebrate the baby arrival All the guests already left, Only family members and relatives are left Mrs Slyvester was with the baby, Belinda was clad in a light blue gown receiving congratulations from everyone […]

The Blue Sea… Episode 24

💙The Blue Sea Episode 24 SEMI FINALE General pov Ken picked up the knife soaked in blood “Ken stop” Granny shouted “Any reason to live Granny”.. “You should the happiest man on Earth Ken Belinda was pregnant with your baby before she left and now She have given birth.. Belinda never left us”. Ken dropped […]

The Blue Sea… Episode 21

💙The Blue Sea💙 Episode 21😋😋 😘Belinda😘 “You..are…pregnant”She said slowly and my lips curved into a smile I am carrying Ken baby “I am pregnant”I said to myself and sank into the bed “I can see you are so happy” Pansy said “I am so happy.. I would have someone to love again, My own child […]

The Blue Sea… Episode 18

💙The Blue Sea💙 Episode 18😋 General pov Ken and Debby drove into the compound “I am so happy the Investor came to sign the project today” Debby said smiling happily “I am more excited” Ken replied “Right from the beginning, I have always wished for your success.. I pray this project brings more promotions”Debby said […]

The Blue Sea… Episode 16

The Blue Sea Episode 16 General pov Moans of pleasure filled the air with clothes flying around It was the first time the lovers consummated their love They collapsed on each other after numbers of rounds Kenneth nibble slowly on Belinda lips😘 “I love you so much”He whispered and felt asleep 😘Belinda😘 I opened my […]

The Blue Sea… Episode 15

💙The Blue Sea💙 Episode 15😋 General pov “Debby..Debby..Debby” Kenneth called repeatedly and slump down to the floor “Ken” Belinda rushed to him Along with maids, Belinda carried Ken upstairs and called the doctor She left Ken with the doctor and walked back downstairs “What are you here again for Debby??.. My Grandson is fine and […]

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