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Category: The Last Wedding

Believe… Episode 8

BELIEVE_ [the girl he never noticed ] adesola adeomowole.m. settings;Nigerian-drama EPISODE 8 I tried singing again,no voice came out,i felt so shocked.My hand instantly went to my head,I couldn’t even cry. Ngozi stared at me with so much emotions and care!. “Adeife where is your voice?”, she asked.My tears stream down. “I don’t know…maybe it […]

Just for love… Episode 28

JUST FOR LOVE (Love made her) #Chapter 28 © Azeemah Salami✓ (Zeemah writes ) Kelly’s POV “Tammy i wanna tell you something” i said determined to her about my feelings this minute. “Okay what?” She asked. “I..i..i..” I felt tongue-tied and couldn’t talk,she was looking at me curiously and i had to quickly complete it […]

Clumsy Nurse.{Season 2}… Episode 8

CLUMSY NURSE ———————- Season 2( Chapter 8 ) —————————- By chidinma jerry m —————- (Star-queen) _____________ annastssia Alexandra Grande , she looked calm when she was in coma but she looks fierce,strict and scary in real life, I must say she’s pretty ..she moved her hair with her hands and walked in fully.she wore a […]

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