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The Mermaid… Episode 17

#THE_MERMAID 🧜{Love is A Crime}🧜 #EPISODE_17 #Final_Chapter Danny walked into the house, holding a walking stick in the company of a woman. Cassandra slowly stood up,twice as shoocked as Agnes whose mouth were still hanged open. “Danny….is…is this a dream or what? You are alive!!” Agnes said, looking all over at him. Danny smiled as […]

The Mermaid… Episode 16

#THE_MERMAID 🧜{Love Is A Crime}🧜 #EPISODE_16 Queen mother laughed out loud as the water continued to rise. Pastor Frank and Johnny felt the heavenly power on them and began their prayers. It was a fierce one. Queen mother stopped laughing when she felt a more powerful energy pressing down on her. The water in the […]

The Mermaid… Episode 15

#THE_MERMAID 🧜{Love Is A Crime}🧜 #EPISODE_15 Their eyes locked in a fierce light. Cassandra stood at one spot looking at him, momentarily forgetting Agnes who layed sprawled on the floor, coughing badly till she was out if breath and almost losing consciousness. “I knew it….the very first day you came into the class! I felt […]

The Mermaid… Episode 14

#THE_MERMAID 🧜{Love Is A Crime}🧜 #EPISODE_14 ******* Pastor Frank dropped his phone on the empty chair beside him as he looked at his wrist watch, wondering what was wrong. He looked around the woman sitting with him in church. Agnes. “Sister Agnes,I don’t think we can go to sister Evelyn’s place again today. I just […]

The Mermaid… Episode 13

#THE_MERMAID 🧜{Love Is A Crime}🧜 #EPISODE_13 Everybody turned to look at them. Johnny was both surprised and amazed. Cassandra flushed will embarrassment as she managed an apologetic smile. “Sorry….I….saw something in your food.” Cassandra stammered. Gradually, people turned their attention away from them and Cassandra sat back down. “What did you see in the food […]

The Mermaid… Episode 12

#THE_MERMAID 🧜{Love Is A Crime}🧜 #EPISODE_12 “You have to believe me,Agnes!! That girl tried to kill me! Her powers…she was so powerful!” Osmond shouted, breathing fire and brimstone. Agnes laughed at her husband.”Osmond,you are always drinking doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have common sense. Please,if you are drunk and trying to make sense,just ho and sleep. […]

The Mermaid… Episode 10

#THE_MERMAID 🧜{Love Is A Crime}🧜 #EPISODE_10 Cassandra immediately knew something was wrong with her as her eye changed colour for a moment. She glared at Victor who was still crying on the floor and stood up. What had he done to her? Suddenly,her hand flew to her neck, searching frantically fir the medallion which she […]

The Mermaid… Episode 9

#THE_MERMAID 🧜{Love Is A Crime} #EPISODE_09 Agnes suddenly jerked up, panting heavily. “No! God forbid!I reject it in Jesus name!!” She whispered, looking around. She just had a terrifying dream of her baby, Victoria…. falling inside a well. What could that mean? Jumping up from bed, she ran out of the room.! ******** As soon […]

The Mermaid… Episode 7

#THE_MERMAID 🧜{Love Is A Crime}🧜 #EPISODE_07 Esther was shocked as she stopped on her track. Did that voice just come from her seven years old daughter? “Cassandra… what’s wrong with you?” She stammered,now scared. “My name is not Cassandra. My name is Annabella!” Cassandra roared and Esther flinched, remembering her dream before she gave birth. […]

The Mermaid… Episode 6

#THE_MERMAID 🧜{Love Is A Crime}🧜 #EPISODE_06 “What a spoilt brat! Go to the front and kneel down there.”Aunty Aishat said, pointing outside. Cassandra was still staring at her medallion on the floor. She had even stopped breathing. The anger…the rage was overwhelming. She wanted to kill this teacher right now…to strangle her to death but […]

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