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May today be the day that the Lord will surprise you with lasting answers to your pending prayers. Amen. Good Morning *OPEN FOR BUSINESS* _Don’t run out of Data._ *Do you know you can get a cheap data subscription on your phone without using your network provider ussd/without your bank? You dont need to fear […]

My Heartbeat… Episode 2

Episode 2 It was Monday morning and Tiwa wasn’t having a very good day. She had woken up with a raging headache and a sore disposition, all from yesterday. She couldn’t understand it. Why was her mother always in support of Femi? Why did her mother treat her like her feelings didn’t matter? Why? Why […]

My Heartbeat… Episode 1

Episode 1 Femi: “…more of you, more of you, more of you, Jesus, more of you….” The entire church was silent as they listened to Femi’s voice giving a rendition of Sinach’s song. Her voice, rich, powerful flowed beautifully and everyone either held their breaths or bowed their heads in prayer. When she finished, there […]

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